3 Types of Packaging Design for Household Products

The global packaging industry will reach an astounding $1.04 trillion by 2024.

Your product packaging design should be at the forefront of your mind if you’re a business owner that sells household products; it’s a fundamental part of the customer experience and can help increase brand loyalty.

If you aren’t using packaging that draws in your target audience, you can guarantee that your competitors will be. So, don’t lose customers this year simply because you’re using the wrong type of packaging.

Read on to learn about the different types of package design and which is best for your business.

  1. Luxury Packaging

Are your products sold at a premium price? If you’re a luxury brand, you need designed packaging that matches the desires of your target customer.

For luxury household goods, the packaging is virtually equal to the integral product design. Classic examples of luxury household products are in the health and beauty industry (think skincare, haircare, and makeup).

You don’t need to go overboard; sometimes, less is more. If possible, include a personalized note in every order that gives thanks to the client for purchasing the product from your company.

Consider the ‘unboxing’ experience. It should be exciting, personalized, and make the customer feel special. Apple is a great example of perfecting the unboxing process. Buy a phone from Apple, and you’ll notice the lid lifts and falls slowly, perfectly revealing the phone inside.

  1. Branded Packaging

Are you trying to increase brand recognition? If so, it’s time to plaster your name and logo all over the products and packaging you sell. This works particularly well for household products that people buy frequently, such as foods and drinks.

Whichever types of household products you’re selling, add your branding to the outside of your packaging. That way, your customer knows what’s inside their package before the unboxing experience even starts.

The other benefit of branding your packaging on the outside is that other people who haven’t bought your product will see your logo and name, improving brand recognition and increasing sales.

You can use a signature filling company if you’d like high-quality, branded packaging for your products.

However, if your branding needs a revamp or modernization, make sure you employ a professional to advise on your branding before ordering branded stock.

  1. Minimalist Packaging

If your product is functional and has no-frills, there’s no need to bother with specialist package designs.

This is particularly true for industrial-style products that you sell to households (for example, DIY tools and replacement parts for appliances). Instead, focus on sturdy packaging that is unlikely to be damaged during transit.

Simple colors and appropriately sized boxes are fine for these household products. Don’t be one of those companies that put a small product in an oversized box; make it logical, minimalistic, and practical.

Choose the Best Packaging Design Today

Now that you know all the different types of product packaging design options available, which packaging design do you think are most appropriate for your business and product?

Between luxury, highly branded, and minimalistic, there’s something for every household product and target audience to ensure more sales and loyal customers.

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