PMP Exam Content Outline 2021

Before appearing in any kind of examination it is very much advisable for people to be clear about the syllabus, course content and several other kinds of related aspects so that everybody will be able to formulate the best possible strategy of preparing for the exam. In this particular matter, it is very much advisable for people to move with proper planning and further have a good command of the course content throughout the process. Following is the basic categorisation of the PMP certification exam content outline 2021:

  1. This will be based upon an introduction to the Project management institute and other basic terminologies which will be associated with the introduction of the candidates to the topics like wh
  2. at is the project, relationship between portfolio management, program management, operations management, project life-cycle and several other kinds of related aspects.
  3. It will be based upon the organisational influences on the product life-cycle for example techniques associated with different kinds of project stakeholders, project governance and the creation as well as the importance of a project team.
  4. The project management procedures will also be directly included over here so that everybody will be perfectly able to introduce the candidates to the basic knowledge areas along with other things at the interview overview level.Also Read: PMP certification
  5. It will include the project integration management so that everybody will be able to explain the coordination of different kinds of elements along with several other kinds of project activities, resources, schedules and stakeholders without any kind of doubt.
  6. It will include the project scope management which will further provide a clear idea about what has to be executed in the project.
  7. It will include the project schedule management which will help in providing people with ideas about how to schedule different kinds of activities, deliverables, milestones within the project and relationships with all the elements in the whole process.
  8. Project cost management will be helpful in terms of estimating, locating and controlling the project budget as well as an individual activity and sourcing costs.
  9. Project quality management will be including the basic knowledge areas which will help in covering different aspects of the whole system along with standards and methods to ensure everything has been met very successfully.
  10. Project resource management will be very much capable of providing people with a clear idea about the planning resource management, estimation of resources, acquiring of resources and several other kinds of controlling aspects.
  11. Product communication management will be based upon the right kind of setting up of the procedures so that smooth operation can be easily enjoyed by everyone.
  12. Project requirement management will be very much successful in terms of providing people with clear ideas about the workers, material as well as equipment.
  13. Project stakeholder management will help in providing people with the basic ideas of the procedures and knowledge area associated with the whole process so that everybody will be able to deal with the stakeholders very successfully.
  14. Project procurement management will be leading to the technicalities associated with the procurement of different kinds of sourcing elements.

Hence, having a good hold over the exam content released by project management institute is the best way of succeeding in the exam on the very first attempt very easily.

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