9 Great Resume Skills You Need to Master to Get Hired in 2022

When writing a resume, one section job seekers have to pay the most attention to is the skills section. There is no secret that employers are now looking for employees with strong skillsets. And, often, the skills you possess are even more valuable than your education or prior work experience.

While every particular employer might be looking for different skills in the candidates for each specific role, there is a list of abilities that are a must-have for every modern employee. These abilities can help you land a job faster and easier. If you are not sure what those are, read on. We will tell you about the top eight most in-demand qualities you need to acquire to get hired in 2022. Let’s dive in!


According to, the importance of communication in the workplace has been long proven, and it still tops all the lists of the must-have skills to put on a resume. Strong oral and written communication can be leveraged across all industries and roles. So, before writing your resume, you should strive to take your ability to communicate effectively to the next level.

Time Management

The next must-have ability is time management. This skill enables people in different roles and industries to stay productive in the workplace and perform their jobs efficiently. In 2022, time management is predicted to drive the most attention of recruiters and employers, so it also deserves to be on your resume.

Creative Problem-Solving

Being able to solve problems in the workplace is pivotal. Yet, being able to solve them in a creative way is going to be even more important in 2022. Modern employers value people who can think outside the box and apply their creativity to find effective solutions to job-related problems. So, if you are hoping to get hired, this is another ability that you have to acquire and develop.


With a massive shift towards an Agile workforce, collaboration has become one of the most important resume skills of all time. These days, companies focus their efforts on building highly efficient teams. This principle implies that all employees and departments closely collaborate towards achieving shared short-term and long-term goals. So, if you are not a good team player yet, this is something you want to change before you apply for jobs.


Our world has seen lots of massive changes over the last few years. There have been economic downs, COVID-19, and many other things that affected our daily lives and, of course, businesses. Due to ongoing changes, adaptability has become one of those skills that employers are looking for in their potential workers. Thus, this is one more point you want to put on your resume in 2022.

Critical Thinking

People today are bombarded with information, especially online. You probably browse through hundreds of posts on social media, read news on numerous resources, and see dozens of ads every day. How do you determine which pieces of information are truthful and which are fake or misleading? That’s when critical thinking comes into play.

You need this skill to distinguish between right and wrong, prevent mistakes or fix them on time, and make wise decisions at work. You’ll surely stand out from the crowd if you boast decent critical thinking skills and use professional resume and cover letter writing services to reflect these skills in your application. And if you show critical thinking once again during the job interview – consider yourself among the best candidates!

Project Management

While there is a separate role for project managers in almost every company, this doesn’t exclude the importance of acquiring strong project management skills for other roles. The ability to manage projects effectively is about planning the workload, setting goals, and finding effective ways to achieve those goals. As you can guess, all these activities are crucial for succeeding in literally every role and getting your job done.

Social Media Marketing

There is no secret that social media is now considered one of the crucial elements of business success and a powerful tool for marketing. No wonder why social media marketing is also included in the list of the most in-demand abilities that employers will be looking for in 2022. Even for a non-marketer, knowing the basics of social media marketing will give you a competitive advantage and will help you get hired faster.

Cloud Computing

Of course, cloud computing is a must-have ability for certain tech jobs. Yet, companies across all industries have a growing number of cloud-powered tools used for different purposes. That’s why this skill will come in handy for professionals in different roles. Thus, if you don’t possess it yet, it might be the right time to acquire it!

The Bottom Line

So, these were some of the most in-demand skills to focus on in 2022. Now, you are well equipped for your future career. In this article, we have gathered both soft and hard abilities that can match pretty much any job or industry and bring real value to potential employers.

Looking at this list, one last thing you should do is analyze where you are in terms of these skills at this moment. After identifying the gaps, you should take time to master the abilities that you lack. Employers always appreciate candidates who are committed to self-development and ready to work on their weaknesses. Finally, you can put the newly-acquired abilities on your resume to land the job of your choice without a hassle!

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