If you are starting college or have been a part of that jungle for a long time, you are well aware of the challenges that come with it and the pleasant things that you may do at your leisure.

It is becoming increasingly common at many higher education institutions, offering fully online and hybrid/blended courses combining online instruction with face-to-face teaching (Sun, Chen, 2016). This is why, in this post, we’ll go through several great apps that can turn your life into a well-ordered online fiesta rather than a whirlpool.

Yes, the device we spend the most time on, such as our smartphones and laptops, can help us save time, money, or both. Students are given a lot of assignments during these academic years, and instead of wasting time thinking to pay someone to do my assignment, it wouldn’t be much better if we could complete all of those on our own with the help of these fantastic apps. 



Google Docs is the next item on the list. If you’re familiar with MS Word, this application will feel right at home because it has a similar layout and capabilities but a unique arrow in its quiver.

Because it is a cloud-based database that maintains your data in real-time, that arrow represents its real-time up-gradation of the text you enter into the interface. Thanks to cloud storage, you can also access your data from anywhere in the world on any mobile device you want.

Another noteworthy feature of this application is that it eliminates all of the extra features found in the MS Word interface, allowing the user to focus solely on the task.


If you are a college student with a vision-centred learning system, you will benefit from the application Coggle.By assisting you in drawing out the complicated topics you are studying, the tool makes it very easy for you to understand them.

That’s correct. The tool lets you convert a complex notion into a digital format and build unique mind maps and flow charts for any topic you’re studying.


Many students spend their days searching for assignment help UK because of a lack of time. Managing your time is the best strategy to tackle these heavy assignments. Like most of us, if the jinx of procrastination afflicts you, you’ll need a time management tool to ensure that you get to work on time and don’t squander your necessary time on pointless activities.


Most of the time in college, and especially during Corona, there is a significant difficulty where you can’t get the gang to get together to talk about something essential or hang around.

Instead of continually contacting or texting everyone when this happens, you should use the Doodle application. The software allows you to vote on a single time that is likely to be acceptable to everyone, and then you may meet at that time without having to make any arrangements.


Student living is expensive, and you can’t afford to remain in luxurious hotels for the duration of your academic career because your student loans are increasing every day. That’s why you’ll need the Hostelworld app.

The app assists you in locating various living places in your city that can accommodate you at reasonable rates. This allows you to spend less money while still getting a decent place.


Chegg Study is another educational tool that can help you study more successfully and find solutions to many of the numerous challenges that you may encounter in your curriculum.

This tool assists you in finishing your studies even if you didn’t understand your lecturer in class and required a more detailed explanation of the topic.

7.   ANKI

You’ve probably heard of flashcards. They are a fantastic device for swiftly absorbing vast amounts of knowledge and ensuring that you do not forget it.

However, the problem with traditional paper flashcards is that they can easily be misplaced, resulting in the loss of vital knowledge.

This is why you need Anki, a digital alternative to traditional flashcards that allows you to effortlessly preserve your information while also having a vast database to accommodate more content than conventional paper flashcards.


Grammarly is an excellent program for students and professionals to ensure that everything they write in emails, reports, professional papers, or college assignments is grammatically correct and has higher Readability as Readability can be defined as: “The ability of a person to comprehend the text”. And that’s what we want out of our writing (contentmajestic, 2019).

The fantastic thing about this software is that it highlights the word when it discovers something inaccurately and offers you various options for correcting it.


You may have used Microsoft PowerPoint to display your high school or early college work, but you should switch to Google Slides as soon as feasible.

The program allows all participants of the group project to contribute their ideas, and it does it in such a way that everyone can see it clearly, and no one is surprised.

10.                    ZOTERO

Zotero is another instructional tool that will be useful as you progress through your academic career. The tool allows you to compose your thesis or research papers in peace by keeping track of all the references and citations you use.

Zotero also accommodates you if you have multiple sources for your papers; it will keep track of them and never leave you in the dark.


Here are our top selections for the most acceptable applications for making college life easier and more enjoyable. Please let us know if you have any additional ideas for applications or wish to make any changes to this article.


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