A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing the Right Student Information System

Choosing the right student information system (SIS) for your school or district can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider, and the options can seem overwhelming. This guide is designed to help you make the right decision for your unique situation.

First, let’s take a look at some of the key considerations you’ll need to make.

What Features Does the System Offer?

The first question you’ll need to ask is what features the system offers. Here are some of the most important features to consider:

– Student registration

– Grades and report cards

– Homework and assignment tracking

– Scheduling

– Transcripts

How Much Does the System Cost?

Another important question to ask is how much the system costs. Depending on your budget, you may be able to find a system that meets all your needs for a reasonable price, or you may need to choose a system that has fewer features but is more affordable. While there are a few low-cost student information systems that have all the right features and allow you to go mobile, schools should try and not just look at costs. Sometimes, there may be other options which are pricier but also come with more flexibility, allowing you a greater ROI for your buck.

What Support Does the System Offer?

This one is very important, as you’ll want to be sure you have access to help if you need it. If you have questions or run into problems using the system, will you be able to get help from the vendor? Is there a support forum where you can get help from other users? Is there a cost for support? The best student information systems are those that do not charge extra for support, as you may need it from time to time. These costs can quickly add up otherwise, and you will soon find that you are spending thousands a year for your SIS platform!

How User-Friendly is the System?

Finally, you’ll want to consider how user-friendly the system is. This is especially important if you’re not very tech-savvy. The system should be easy to learn and use, with clear instructions and helpful prompts. Does your student information system have any training videos and help guides? Many do. If your system offers live trainings, be sure to take advantage of them so you know how to navigate the platform easily!


Once you’ve considered these key factors, you’ll be able to begin narrowing down your options. Try thinking about the specific needs of your school or district and what features would be most important to you. Then, research the various systems that offer those features and compare their prices and support offerings. Capterra is a good site to start with, as it offers unbiased reviews of many different student information systems. Be sure to look at the overall ratings, pros and cons of each system, as well as which specific features they offer.

Finally, be sure to test out the systems yourself to see how user-friendly they are. The best system is the one that meets your needs and is easy for you to use.

Zara Raza is the Head of Marketing at SchoolCues, the all-in-one small school solution for schools with limited budgets and resources.


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