How to Write a Self-Portrait Essay

Make a Checklist of Concerns

Make a list of smaller questions you can answer in relation to the larger essay prompt question after you’ve finished reading the scholarship essay prompt. Assume the essay topic says, “What were the hurdles or barriers you had to overcome?” Let’s use that example. Consider the answers to these questions as a series of prompts. They assist you tell your tale and address the essay’s primary question in more depth than you could if you merely responded to it randomly. If you are looking for essay help UK, please visit our website.

Outline and Generate Ideas

Think about your replies once you’ve thought about the smaller questions. Open a document on your computer or get out a pen and paper, and take your time answering each challenge. Using this system, you’ll be able to remain on topic and immediately respond to the question.

Allow Yourself to be Open and Irresponsible

Let your talents, struggles, and personal tales show through in your essay! There is nothing more appealing to admissions and scholarship committees than someone who is self-aware of how they can better as a person or how they have matured as a result of their experiences. The finest tales may be told with honesty in the writing (in this case, YOUR story).

Make Use of Your Own Stories

It’s important to be as descriptive as possible since this essay is all about you! Use specifics instead of generalisations (e.g., “I’m a talented musician”). For example, “My fourth-grade teacher, Ms. Matay, greatly motivated me to pursue my passion in the clarinet,” is a great example of a more personalised remark. Your own examples are what will make your scholarship essay stand out among the multitudes of other candidates. Please visit for more info.

First-Person Narrative

Write from your point of view since you’re the one who’s telling the narrative! Tell your own tale. You can sum up what you’ve learnt from your experiences in a few sentences. You should use “I” and “me” throughout your essay, regardless of how you respond to the question.

You Don’t Have To Be Afraid to Shine!

Staying on topic is important, but please don’t stray from it. Most students are afraid to boast in their essay, but we encourage them to do so! This is your chance to shine, so make the most of it by showcasing your best qualities. Make sure that your tone is informative and that you’re staying on track with your essay’s subject matter. Make a point to include only relevant information while responding to the essay question; don’t simply spout off about your own accomplishments! ) Use this list of achievements as a starting point for your own personal brag sheet. While the worksheet is designed to assist you get letters of reference, you may still use it to list your interests, hobbies, college list, and strengths to help you write your scholarship essay.


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