How to Treat A Sprained Ankle

One of the injuries you are likely to suffer when you take part in sports is sprained ankles. This injury doesn’t, however, only happen when you play sports. There are other causes for the damage, and treating it can be a bit of a challenge. When you have a sprained ankle, you will need to see a doctor first for diagnosis. However, that’s not all that needs to be done to get back to full fitness. Here’s how you can deal with and treat a sprained ankle.


Before any mode of treatment can be administered, there needs to be some diagnosis. So the first thing you’ll do is show up at one of the Brisbane podiatry clinics near you, and they will run a physical before any other tests are done. When the doctor is performing the physical, he tries to find out the severity of the injury. And if the damage seems to be severe, the doctor will ask for further tests such as

  • MRI – this Magnetic Resonance Imaging will help to produce a detailed 3-D image of the soft internal structures
  • CT Scan – this test will reveal more details on the joints – the bones there.
  • X-ray – this is where the doctor can rule out bone fractures.
  • Ultrasound is also a great way for the doctor to determine the ligaments or tendon conditions from different positions.


There are several modes of treatments that the doctor can opt to pursue when you have a sprained ankle, and they include

  • Self-care

The first idea is self-car as you only need to implement the RICE approach to the ankle for the first two days or more. RICE is rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Each of the steps has valuable benefits for the ankle.

  • Medication

The next move is the use of medication, and these medications are all about managing the pain in the ankle. You can also use OTC pain relievers for this process. These drugs are pretty efficient and can easily manage the pain caused by a er for sprained ankle.

  • Wrapping Up

You need to have your injury wrapped up – not literary, but you need to care for it. For example, you don’t have to put pressure on ii when it is still swollen. Your doctor may even recommend that you use crutches while you heal from the injury.

There are times when the doctor may also recommend that you have an elastic bandage wrap up the injured spot. When the injury is severe, the doctor may recommend a walking boot while the ankle heals.

  • Therapy

You will be required to do a series of workouts once the swelling has gone down. These exercises are good as you look to get the ankle back in full motion.

  • Surgery

There are times when a sprained ankle is quite severe that it may also need surgery. The main reasons for surgery when you have a sprained ankle are

  • A ligament that won’t heal
  • Reconstruct a ligament tissue from a nearby tendon

Treating A Sprained and What to Look Out For

A sprained ankle can require different levels of treatment depending on the severity of the injury. These are some of the other treatment plans that are involved in recovering from an ankle sprain.


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