How to use Apple Reminders in Windows

Getting Things Done In Windows. I use my iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad every day. My primary device is also a Windows laptop. Although the laptop is excellent, it doesn’t connect to Apple’s services like my iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. As I am a thesis help online expert, Apple Reminders is my way of organizing my day, even though I am happy with my laptop. Apple Reminders is not available for Windows unfortunately. Here’s how you do it. Apple Reminders Windows on provides Apple’s solution for Reminders Windows.

This online portal allows you to access productivity apps like Numbers, Keynote, Pages and Keynote. Here you will find your iCloud Photos and contacts as well as your calendar. The most important thing is that you can access Reminders. Here’s how it works. Navigate to and log in using your Apple ID. Select Reminders from the list. You can also view the web versions of any lists you’ve created and reminders that you have on Apple devices. lets you access your Apple apps online. Jonathan Wylie: Apple Reminders is a problem with It does not provide a great user experience on the Internet. Apple doesn’t devote as much resource to online apps than companies like Microsoft or Google. My Inbox lists don’t sync when I log in to iCloud. Although it syncs within a few minutes, it takes me a while to wait. The Reminders App is the best way to make sure I don’t have to wait.

There are many other problems. The web version is very limited in functionality. You cannot move reminders between lists, you can’t share lists with others, you can’t add due dates or priority tags, and you can’t delete or create lists. If you need to only view your Apple Reminders, or add a not-too urgent reminder, the iCloud version is available for Windows. Visit to view your Apple Reminders. Jonathan Wylie Sync Apple Notes to Microsoft Your Microsoft account is a better option to use Reminders Windows than your iCloud. This will enable your Apple devices and the Microsoft To Do app to sync tasks. You can still use reminders on both iPhones and Macs. iOS users can use the Reminders homescreen widget. Siri can add tasks for your iPhone. Make some adjustments. How to sync iPhone/iPad reminders with Microsoft Accounts. Open the Settings app. Tap Reminders and then tap Accounts. Verify that your Microsoft Account is listed here. Tap on Add Account to log in with your username and password. Next, tap on your Microsoft account to enable the Reminders toggle. How to sync Mac reminders with a Microsoft account Open the System Preferences. Click on Internet Accounts. Verify that your Microsoft Account is listed in this list. Click Microsoft Exchange to log in with your username and password. Click Microsoft Exchange and then click Next Reminders. Once you have enabled reminders, you will see a new list within the Reminders App.

These lists can be accessed under existing iCloud accounts. These lists will only sync with Microsoft. You can also create additional Outlook or Exchange lists and move some (or all) of your iCloud tasks there. You can turn on task reminders Jonathan Wylie to sync your Microsoft accounts. Change your default reminders email. It’s a good idea to make your Microsoft account your default account for reminders after all tasks have been transferred. Siri will use your Microsoft account now to add items to a Wish List. Click on Reminders in the Settings app. Next, click on Default List and choose a Microsoft account to be your default list. To make everything go to your Home list, tap the button. Here’s how I organize mine. Microsoft To Do is an app that you can set up on Windows. Download the app and log in to your Microsoft account. All of your Apple Reminders will be synced to Windows. Go to the Microsoft Store to download the app. Log in to and view your tasks online. Microsoft To Do is not compatible with Apple Reminders. It does however perform most functions well. Although lists, dates, time, and other information will sync seamlessly between the two devices, some features, like grouping lists in Microsoft To Do, may not be available in Apple Reminders. Microsoft To Do is an excellent app that can be used on all of your devices. It’s completely free and offers almost all of the features you would expect from a modern task-management system. It may not be right for everyone but it is one of the best free options for anyone who spends a lot time online.


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