Investing in Portugal’s low-density areas: Which areas are eligible for the Golden Visa?

Low-density areas in Portugal are capturing lots of attention from foreign investors and locals. As main cities are receiving more people on a daily basis, investors are noticing the potential of quieter spots. In this post, you’ll grasp the latest changes in the Portugal Golden visa and what are the best low-density areas to invest in.

But first, let us break down what a low-density area is.

Low-density areas are regions that have less than 100 inhabitants per square kilometer or per capita GDP. For example, Lisbon and Porto aren’t listed as low-density areas.

However, the Algarve and several districts of Évora are included in the low-density areas that are eligible for the Portuguese Golden visa purposes.

Considering the rising popularity of Portugal both as a hub for tech and financial centers, investing in the state has become more important.

Let’s take a look at the most significant advantages.

Spend less money to get a European residency


The acquisition of real estate and the minimum investment threshold in Portugal is €280,000 – the Portuguese residency by real estate investment is one of the most affordable investment options compared to the rest of the European Golden Visa programs.

Portugal offers the most flexible program of all. You only need to spend seven days each year to make you qualified to apply for citizenship afterward five years.

Invest where you might make a profit

If you compare Lisbon and Porto’s real estate with properties in low-density areas, you’ll realize it’s still affordable than other larger cities in Europe.

In the last couple of years, Portugal has hit big numbers in tourism. And as the world keeps falling in love with Portugal, you can invest in a property to rent it our and earn profits while you wait to get your Portuguese citizenship.

You might be wondering, what are the best low-densities areas in Portugal?

We’ve prepared a list of three places you want to check – each of them qualified for the residential properties for the Portugal Golden Visa.


From perfect beaches to rolling hills and wineries, the Alentejo area has a quieter atmosphere making it the ideal place for you if you’re looking for a quieter place or planning to retire. Alentejo is part of the low-density interior areas of Portugal – which means, properties located in this area are eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa.


Alentejo is a larger region in the south of Portugal. It offers you a wide range of properties options, from luxurious villas to homes with sea views.

Here are two places you want to check in the Alentejo area:



The capital of the Alentejo. Évora is two hours from Lisbon and a bit more than two hours from the Spanish border. You can enjoy the best of both worlds: being so close to the capital city and enjoying the silent life in the countryside at the same time.




Known as the “Hamptons of Europe”, Comporta is one of Portugal’s most exclusive luxury summer destinations. Comporta is a small beachside village with three communities and is about an hour’s drive from Lisbon. Purchasing a property in Comporta is synonymous with luxury living.




Finding your ideal property in Portugal after the new changes is still possible and affordable, but it’s not something you have to do alone. You’ll find problems with communication with the local construction company, which sometimes doesn’t speak English.


You need a local team of real estate brokers and legal and market expert by your side to help and assist you through the entire process. Golden Port Visa has helped clients worldwide find the perfect property in Portugal and get the Portuguese Golden Visa.




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