Beautiful Exterior Home Paint Trends in Arvada Colorado

The color of your home would depend on the style and the vibe that you are going for. The color that you paint the interior and exterior of your home would depend on the aesthetic and the ambiance that you are going for. The trends of the color schemes for both the interior and exterior of your home are ever-changing and it could be very hard to keep up with the trends. To help with that, get an expert house exterior painting contractor in Arvada now!

Exterior Paint Colors for Contemporary Style Homes

1. James Hardie’s Night Gray

Adding drama and depth to the aesthetic of your home is great, especially if you have a modern contemporary style home, and using the Hames Hardie’s Night Gray paint is a great paint color to turn to because it has this sophisticated hie that would look amazing paired with light gray stones. 

2. Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty

The black and white scheme is perfect for contemporary-style homes. You could use this color for your walls, columns, trims, bricks, and all of the other accents that you may have in your beautiful home. You could pair Benjamin Moore’s Balck Beauty with Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster because it is this warm white paint that could really complement the black paint. 

3. Sherwin Williams’ Black Fox

Dark and black colors really complement contemporary style homes and Sherwin Williams’ Black Fox is a great dark shade that you could choose. This paint color would help in making lines cleaner and if you have geometric elements in your home, then it is great. It would help in accentuating sharpness. If you are looking for a shade that is not fully black, then Sherwin Williams’ Black Fox is a great option.

4. Benjamin Moore’s Sussex Green

If you do not like gray, white, or black for your contemporary style home but are going for the neutral modern exterior, then you could always turn to Benjamin Moore’s Sussex Green. This paint color has this warm and deep green that would be perfectly paired with some of the natural accents that you have like wood and stone. It would help in amplifying the landscape surrounding your home, and all of the subtle wooden additions that you may have on your home. 

How to Pick Exterior Paint Colors in Arvada

1. Know the style of your home and the neighborhood that you are in

The style of your home could really help you in deciding on what to paint the exterior because there are some colors that do not fit certain styles of homes. If you have a ranch-style home, then choosing a few pastel colors may not be the best idea. And choosing very bold colors when you have a Victorian house may not be the best idea either.

Aside from taking inspiration from the style of your home, you could also get inspiration from the houses beside you. It could be a starting point on what you want to paint your house too because sometimes you have these neighborhoods with themed houses.

2. It is not bad to become a color copycat

You could drive around your neighborhood and look at the color palettes that they have for their own houses, this is especially helpful when you are still narrowing down some of the paint colors for your house. 

3. Trends do not really matter as much as you think it does

As much as it’s great to keep on-trend, do not let the current trending colors sway your decision when you are looking for a new color to change your exterior because these are things that change all the time. 

4. Intently look at your home, it could be your guidance

You might notice that there are already some hues that you could see around your home that you could use as inspiration for the colors of your exterior. These small details like the brick or the stone on your foundation, or even your window trim could help influence the color that you choose for your walls. 

Landscapes around the house could also help. When you live in a formal landscape where there are rows and rows of boxwood shrubs in your walkway it would be able to help with the kind of color you are going for. 

Importance of Your Exterior Paint Colors

When you paint the exterior of your home, it would be able to add to the beauty and aesthetic of your home and be able to provide more protection. If you are planning on selling your home, painting the exterior of your home would also be able to make the value of your home so much higher because of the visual impact. Work with a painting contractor for exterior painting services in  Arvada, CO for all of your home painting needs.


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