How To Choose The Best Violin Strings From A Violin Shop?

The strings on your violin influence the sound of your instrument. But don’t think that these are solely responsible for your instrument’s resonance, projection, and playability. They do influence these qualities in a particular way. This is why you should buy the best strings from your trusted violin shop.

A top-notch set of strings combined with a professional setup can make your instrument sound completely different. Of course, a set of new strings cannot make your instrument sound good suddenly! However, they can transform a good quality violin sound amazing!

Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings has mentioned some things for beginner violin students. She says that choosing the best set of strings for your violin for sale can be a little confusing. There are three different attributes that you need to consider before getting your set of strings. These influence the type of sound and playing characteristics of the strings. The responsive and tonal qualities of your violin will increase significantly once you get a good set of violin strings.

Now the question remains, what affects the qualities of the strings themselves? To this, Rita says, the core material, gauge (thickness), and tension characteristics affect the qualities of a string. Being a violinist, one should know how to distinguish between strings that work according to your preference.

If you want your violin strings’ best responsiveness and sound, you need to consider the type of string you play heavily. During your violin lessons, most of the sound quality you’re able to produce comes from the instrument itself. Yet, the right set of strings has the power to enhance all the best features of your particular violin.

These three tips would help you get the best strings for your violin for sale without any second thought.

  1. Understand The Basics Of Strings Before You Purchase Them

You obviously don’t want to waste your money on a set of strings that is of no use. Thus, you need to know how different strings influence the sound you want to create. This will prevent choosing strings from the violin shop Singapore. 

Core Material

This can be made out of the gut, synthetic nylon, and steel. Each type of core determines the tonal quality of the string. Since string instruments all had gut strings from the start, they deliver the classically evocative, warm tones. The gut was then wound with some type of metal to increase the pitch longevity and possibilities. Steel strings can resist climate changes and retain their tune for more extended periods. However, the sound produced by steel strings have more brilliant tones. With the update in technology, synthetic core strings were introduced in the market. Since these combine many of the best characteristics of steel and gut, they are the preference of many violin students.


Gauge means the thickness of the strings. This factor influences the tone in a specific way. If you purchase thick strings, it will deliver a more robust volume. However, these strings are less responsive. Eventually, you would have to apply more pressure to depress the string on the fingerboard. You would also need heavier bow strokes to set them singing. Thinner strings have more responsiveness. However, there is less projection with these strings. Rita Yeo says that if you are a beginner violinist, you should consider using medium gauge strings on your violin for sale. 


The wire tension has a big impact on the tonal qualities produced. If your strings have high tension, it will create brighter tones. Low tension means the strings have more warmth to them. Steel core strings tune best with higher tensions. This is why many violinists use steel core strings.

  1. Know Which Strings Would Meet Your Requirement

Whenever you visit a violin shop, we assume that you are a beginner. Thus, you would need to learn the basics of the violin. Most students know which type of music they want to pursue with their instrument. The type of strings you use will eventually depend on the kind of music you want to play.

Beginner students usually do very well using synthetic core strings. This is due to its combination of warmth, projection, and responsiveness. In addition, after a short adjustment period, synthetic core strings retain their tune longer. Thus, these are less susceptible to environmental changes.

  1. Buy The Strings You Love From The Best Violin Shop Singapore

Your instrument will adapt to the strings you choose. So, make sure that you pick a set that sounds the way you want them to sound. Adapting to the new set of strings takes some time.

The string set you choose should offer excellent playability, volume, and tone. Ask the staff in the violin shop to provide you with suggestions for your particular instrument.

Ending Note

Buying the right set of strings from your violin shop takes a little practice. As you make progress, you may want to experiment with different string-type combinations to customize your individual sound.

Stradivari Strings is the place where you can get the best violin for sale along with a string set. Thus, you can always visit their store and ask them which would be the best strings and other accessories for your instrument.


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