Green Minds: How to Enhance Environmental Awareness in Your Workplace

Did you know going green can deliver big benefits to your business?

You’ll easily attract environmentally conscious customers, qualify for eco-friendly incentives and rebates, reduce waste, decrease operating costs, and improve brand image.

However, building an eco-conscious organization isn’t a walk in the park. A lot rides on how effectively you can raise environmental awareness among your employees. This is, arguably, the most important aspect of going green as an organization.

If you’re looking for ways to promote environmental awareness in the workplace, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for expert insight.

Include Environmental Components in Your Organization’s Mission Statement

A mission statement provides information about an organization’s overall goals and objectives. Including environmental components in your statement can help build environmental awareness in the workplace. For instance, you can articulate your environmental objectives in the mission statement.

How will this help promote environmental awareness? You ask.

The modern job seeker wants to work in organizations that align with their personal values. They’ll check your mission statement to establish whether there are any shared values.

So, if it’s clear from your mission statement that your organization is eco-conscious, you’ll easily attract employees who are also eco-conscious. Especially if you’re a startup, you can see how easily you can build a workforce full of environmentally-friendly personnel.

Have a Reuse and Recycle Program

Far too many organizations say they’re eco-conscious but do the bare minimum when it comes to walking the talk. To effectively increase environmental awareness in the workplace, you have to act. A good way to do this is to implement a reuse and recycle program.

Start by placing reuse and recycle bin in the workplace. This way, employees will have a greater incentive to place items that can be reused or recycled in these bins.

Handling e-waste is particularly crucial. Instead of dumping old computers, printers, and other electronics, you can take them in for recycling. There are organizations that offer this service. See more here.

Celebrate World Environment Day

On June 5 each year, World Environment Day is observed. The main objective of this event is to raise environmental awareness.

Marking this day in your organization is a cool way to make your employee more conscious about the environment. And, don’t just send group emails wishing everyone a happy World Environment Day. Do something physical. For example, take part in community initiatives aimed at environmental conservation.

Enhance Environmental Awareness in the Workplace

Going green as an organization has great rewards. But to achieve it, there’s the matter of ensuring environmental awareness in the workplace. It’s of little effect saying your organization is environmentally friendly if your people aren’t doing anything to protect the environment. Use the tips fleshed out to help employees become more appreciative of the environment.

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