5 Tips and Tricks for Buying Season Tickets

Did you know that there is a link between attending live sporting events and having a better quality of life? One study found that sports goers were 33% more likely to label their lives pretty good.

If you love seeing your favorite team play live and in person, it’s time to consider getting to the stadium more often. What better way to do that than buying season tickets?

Today, we’re going to share some useful tips for sports fans who want to start going to games more often.

Read on for five tips that will make getting your hands on season tickets easier.

1. Know When to Buy

Depending on your sport of choice, figure out the best time to buy season tickets. Most of the time, the best time to buy is as early as possible, before season tickets sell out or prices go up. Start looking into season tickets toward the end of the previous season, when many fans relinquish their tickets.

2. Get On the Waiting List

Believe it or not, you may still find a long wait even when you start looking as early as possible. Don’t tell yourself that you’ll try again next year. Hop on that waiting list so that maybe next year will be the year.

3. Make a Plan for Missed Games

Depending on your season ticket options, they may be expensive. Remember, you can’t sell your tickets to the game back to the stadium when you’ve already purchased them. To protect your investment, plan for missed games by securing some “seat buddies” or getting to know ticket resale websites.

4. Set Up Auto Payments

You would be surprised how many people lose season tickets from one year to the next because they forget to renew their payment on time. The best way to avoid this is to set up auto payments. The hitch is that if you decide to forgo your season tickets one year, you’ll have to remember to go in and cancel the auto payment, but it’s worth it to ensure season tickets for years to come.

5. Talk to Fellow Sports Fans

If you can’t get your season tickets, it’s time to become the seat buddy of someone who does. Do some investigating and find out if any of your friends, coworkers, or their friends have season tickets. Everyone misses at least a few games, so get in good with someone with tickets to share.

Will You Get Season Tickets This Year?

Playing games is a great way to support your time and improve your quality of life. It can be hard to get, but with these tips, you’ll go to home games in no time.

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