Mikhail Dvornikov – Fitness is a new strategy

Crossfit is a set of fitness exercises developed over 20 years ago by former gymnast Greg Glassman (USA), who opened his first crossfit gym in California (USA) in 2001. Crossfit was initially used for physical training of firefighters, but soon gained popularity. Crossfit is divided into “physical training” (for most people) and “competitive” (for elite athletes, professional athletes). Training includes elements from high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, track and field, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, weight lifting and other sports and physical activities. “Our specialty is not to specialize,” says Greg Glassman. Crossfit is practiced by members of more than ten thousand specialized gyms (called “boxes”), half of which are located in the United States.

Fitball aerobics – strength and stretching exercises are performed using a large inflatable fitball. This type of aerobics strengthens muscles, develops coordination and flexibility and improves posture.

Slide aerobics – a set of exercises athletic orientation with the use of a special mat with a sliding surface – slide board. Most of the exercises resemble the movements of a skater and are aimed at developing the muscles of the lower body, as well as general endurance, a sense of balance and coordination. Slide aerobics is the best kind of aerobics for women who want to get rid of extra pounds in the thigh area.

Pilates – the direction of mental fitness, a system of physical exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, and named after him, is a complex of fluid movements aimed at improving the flexibility of the body, strengthening individual muscles and the body as a whole. During the class not only the large surface muscles are working, but also small deep muscles, that is, those that require a special approach and specific training. In addition to the purely health-improving direction, Pilates – a recovery tool after various injuries – in particular, injuries to the spine.

Fitness yoga is an integration of ancient gymnastics and healthy living, from a modern perspective. Lessons are mainly reduced to the proper performance of poses and a general body workout.

Fitbox – combines aerobics and Thai boxing. Athlete strikes a punching bag under the rhythmic music and maintaining a high tempo, thus performing exercises engaging both hands and feet.

Body Sculpt is a fitness routine suitable for women and effective for men. Weights of no more than 6 kg are used while working out your muscles at high level. Included in the modern types of fitness, focused on the availability of a wide range of people.

Powerlifting comes from the English word power – “strength” and lift – “to lift. Also, powerlifting is commonly called – strength-triathlon. Power lifting is a type of sport, the purpose of which is to overcome resistance, the heaviest possible weight for an athlete.

Zumba aerobics is a complex of dance movements based on basic steps. It strengthens lower body muscles, stimulates the cardiovascular system, improves movement coordination and posture, burns extra calories and therefore excess weight.

Stretching – a complex of exercises aimed at stretching the muscle tissue, which increases elasticity and relieves stress on the treated muscle groups.

Dance aerobics – Depending on the key style of dance distinguish:


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