Mobile Gaming Industry in Southeast Asia

Do you know that the worth of the mobile gaming industry in Southeast Asia is $1 billion?  Therefore, the mobile gaming industry of Southeast Asia holds great importance for Western mobile game developers. 

Each market in this region possesses different market dynamics. Some markets have more female mobile gamers, some have a history of online gaming, and others are good at English proficiency. 

Because of digitalization and the high youth population, the mobile gaming industry in Southeast Asia is making progress by leaps and bounds. The governments of different countries in Southeast Asia are also facilitating them. 

According to the Google survey, one out of three smartphone users plays games on mobile every seven days. You will be surprised to know that 82% of Southeast Asia’s urban population are gamers, and they give importance to mobile games over consoles and PCs. 

Are you thinking of tapping into the Southeast Asia mobile gaming industry? For this, you must go for gaming translation services.  It is the same as website translations, as people prefer to buy products and services from the website which is in their native language. In the same way, people like to download and play games that are in their native language.

Thailand and the Philippines are in the Forefront

Around 1.1 billion players are using different forms of gaming in the APAC region only. Due to mobile proliferation, games have become part of our daily life. You will be amazed to know that not only Gen Z, s and Millennials are using mobile games but people that have adopted mobile phones lately are also using mobile games in Southeast Asia. 

People have become so prone to mobile games which are simple, easy to navigate. Therefore, games are used by two-thirds of the total population.  Thailand and the Philippines are at the forefront because 67% of their population uses mobile games in these countries. 

Indonesia and Vietnam come at second number with 56% of the population using mobile games. If you want to release your game in the Philippines and Thailand, then you must go for Filipino translation services and Professional Thai Translation services.

Women are Taking the Lead

We grew up watching that boy play video and mobile games, but now this stereotype has changed and women have taken a lead. Did you know that in Thailand and the Philippines females are leading with 76% and 73 % as compared to men that are lagging with 59% and 61%? In Indonesia and Vietnam, gender discrimination is not considered much.

Generally speaking, male players like to play strategy-based games, while women prefer playing puzzle-based games. In Particular, 67% of Filipino Moms play puzzle-based games. The sports and racing-based games are ranked in the last 4.  We usually assume that only young people play the games, but in Southeast Asia, middle-aged people also play video games enthusiastically. 

Here again, the Philippines has taken a lead with constant mobile penetration as 60% of mobile users are from the age bracket of 35-55 years. In contrast to the Philippines, in Thailand, people from the age group of 45 and above use mobiles. This data shows the engagement of the people with mobiles and mobile games.

Mothers are Noteworthy Audience

Underestimating mothers in gaming are missing a large chunk of the market. Mothers are a noteworthy audience, especially mothers of young kids. 

In Thailand, mothers spend 66 minutes per session on games, which is very high when you compare it to Vietnam, which is 43 minutes. People of Southeast Asia like to play games at home.

The advantage of playing the game at home is that either they can play with focus or can be distracted by other digital channels. 

The most popular time for women to play the game is from 7 PM and 10 PM. Mostly the Vietnamese Mom takes leverage from this time. 

Moreover, women also like to play mobile games from 12 PM and 2 PM, except for the women living in Indonesia.

Ads of Video are Ranked High

According to the Decision Lab survey, there is a difference of opinion about accepting the content during playing the games among different countries. Generally, the promotional ad of a product gains more popularity, except in Thailand. 

People in Thailand don’t like to be disturbed by promotional ads while they are playing games.  Many companies announce rewards for people like incentives and bonuses if they watch their advertisements in games. 

No gamer likes ads. However, few avoid it. Video ads with incentives score high, and some ads also make gamers engaged.

Wrapping Up

For tapping into the lucrative gaming market of Southeast Asia, you must translate the game into the language that gamers understand. Moreover, you should have a complete understanding of the demographics of players. In this way, you can design and release your game accordingly.


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