Nighttime Hair Care Routine

You have a ten-step skincare routine for reserved for the nighttime so that you wake up with gorgeous skin. You guard this routine with your life, because you know, after the entire day of taking in the pollution and other stresses, your skin needs to have some love and care for the heal the damage sustain.

But have you wondered the same for your hair? They too sustain a lot during the day; from the outpours of sweat to the hair styling tools and products, from the constant tugging to the pollution in the hair, they also have to endure a lot of ordeal during the day.

If you then don’t care for your hair during the night, and don’t give them love and attention, they are then likely to become unhealthy. This will not only then affect their appearance, but also cause problems like hair loss that then have you running to your Dermatologist in Islamabad.

Hence, it is important that you also have a nighttime care routine for your hair.

Nighttime hair care routine steps

Brushing before sleeping is important

You might think that brushing your hair before sleeping is inconsequential, as you have to brush them again in the morning, but that’s not entirely a correct approach.

You must detangle your hair, as otherwise, the friction from sleeping during night can make the knots worse, as it can lead to hair breakage.

Moreover, brushing allows the distribution of the hair oils, so they spread all over, instead of accumulating on the scalp alone.

Tie your hair but loosely

If you leave your hair open when sleeping, chances for formation of tangles are greater. On the other hand, if you tie them too tightly, then the pressure and stress can cause your hair to break.

So, do tie your hair, albeit loosely. Braids or loose twists are good hairstyle choices for you to make.

Washing your hair before sleeping

After the day of subjecting your hair to different products, and accumulating the pollutants, it’s a good choice to wash your hair before heading off to bed. Otherwise, the product will remain percolating in your hair.

Use a leave-in conditioner

If your hair are not faring well, and the texture is becoming rougher than usual, you can also use a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair.

But if your hair is greasy, use dry shampoo

Some people have the complaint of their hair becoming greasy and thus limp. In such cases, leave-in conditioner would be counterintuitive, since the product weighs down the hair even more, enhancing their weight.

So, you may use dry shampoo if it’s not your hair wash day, and your hair are appearing greasier. Leaving it over overnight can also help the shampoo absorb the oil better and allow you to get ready relatively quickly in the morning.

Silk for the win

Silk offers lesser friction than cotton pillowcases. Friction cannot not only cause increased instances of hair breakage, but it can also cause the hair to become frizzier as well.

So, opt instead for silk pillowcases that are easier on the hair. Also, silk scrunchies are also better than other hair ties. They are easier on the hair because they cause less stress to the hair. Moreover, if you don’t like your hair to have creases, then use of silk scrunchies is also better.

Hair serum

You can also apply hair serums at night for targeted treatment of hair issues. Some problems that are resolved with the aid of serum include frizz, texture, heat damage etc.

So, depending on the issue you are facing, apply the serum, and ideally cover with a bonnet so that the product does not ruin your pillowcase. Using a bonnet also prevents unnecessary friction that can otherwise damage your hair more.

However, if the serums are failing to resolve your hair problems, then you should talk to your Skin Specialist in Lahore.


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