The 7 Best Divorce Meetup Groups of 2022

Most people need much time and effort to overcome divorce and set to building a new life. In most cases, a good support team plays the defining role in how well a divorcee can go through the marriage termination and complications afterward. 

No matter whether you choose online divorce in New York or take part in a number of hearings, you may have the desire and necessity to join a support group to help you heal after the end of your marriage. Discover the criteria to help you choose the best appropriate divorce group and review the list of recommended ones to get the benefits and satisfaction in the outcomes. 

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How to Choose the Best Suitable Divorce Group

‘My friend ones came up and asked ‘Could you, please, recommend some divorce meetup groups near me?’ I advised her some of the trustworthy ones. But the point is that you cannot choose one-fit-all-group that will bring the best possible results to every other divorcee. Instead, it is necessary to pick out the one up to your own preferences and needs,’ shares Carla Morrison, a divorcee and social worker in New York.

Consider the following points to select the divorce meetup groups for you:

  • Location – define whether location matters for you. If you decide to join an online group, you will have no concerns as to the location of your meetings. But in all other cases, you will have to commute to your meetup group location frequently so it may be comfortable for you to choose one nearby. On the other hand, if you are afraid to meet some acquaintances or neighbors there, it is better to pick out a distant one from your home or workplace. 
  • Duration – choose whether you want to join a group for occasional meetings with no set pattern or are ready to participate in a divorce recovery program. If you choose the latter option, understand for how long you can take part in the program.
  • Cost – there are free and paid divorce meetup groups. Realize that paid ones are going to provide you with more proficient services. 
  • Specialization – apart from general divorce groups there are many niche communities that can meet your needs better. There are special ones for men and women separately, for monogamous people, for single parents, and so on. 
  • Mentor’s qualification – it is better when you choose a group mentored by people with special qualifications, not just another divorcee. It can be a psychologist, a divorce lawyer, a therapist, or any other expert trained to help people in divorce. 
  • Your aim – before choosing a support group, understand what your aim is. Maybe you lack communication and just want to share your story, divorce has caused a serious trauma you need to deal with, or you look for practical advice n how to deal with your divorce-related issues. 

Anyway, if you spend some time looking through the available divorce meetup groups and applying your defining criteria, you will choose the best suitable one without hurdles. 

Top Divorce Meetup Groups of 2022

You will hardly choose to travel across the state or visit a different one to join a divorce group, so start by reviewing the options nearby. 

If you live in NY state, here are some of the recommended options to select from:

  1. Divorced and Separated Men – a well-qualified therapist Norman Wyloge will help you with divorce-related trauma and similar issues. The cost per session is between $100 and $150. 
  2. Divorce Transitions – led by Psychologist, Ph.D. Robin Kerner, the group is aimed to assist both men and women after both homo and heterogeneous relationships fail. You will cope with relationships, self-esteem, and divorce issues at a price of $70-$100 per session. 
  3. Divorce Support Group – for Men and Women – the group meets every Thursday in groups of five maximum to embrace coping skills and deal with divorce stress together with Deborah Karnbad, a highly-titled therapist. A session of such experiential therapy will cost between $80 and $100.
  4. Dads Going through Separation & Divorce – on Zoom – Marian Wiener Margulies, Psychologist, Ph.D., with 25+years of clinical experience organizes Zoom sessions for dads seeking help after divorce or separation. It takes place every other Wednesday and costs $70 per session.
  5. Beyond Divorce Support Group – Dr. Juliet Cooper, Psychologist, PsyD, MA, mentors a group for recently divorced or separated parents. She assists in solving co-parenting and other divorce-related issues. 
  6. Intimacy, Commitment, and Monogamy Therapy Group – the group helps those who experienced infidelity and other relationship issues by teaching them to analyze their own mistakes and nurturing new relationships in a more efficient way. Chris Dolin, a qualified therapist, mentors sessions at a price of 60$ per each. 
  7. Groups for Children of Divorced Parents – preteen kids meet up to share feelings and experiences, and overcome the divorce of their parents together under the supervision of Eileen Fitzgerald, Psychologist, Ph.D. Meetings are held on Fridays at a price of between $100 and $150. 

The proposed groups are to cover the needs of divorcees with different priorities and preferences. They are located in NY state and supervised by specifically qualified experts. When choosing any kind of support group, consider your own necessities and desires and check the trustworthiness before making any payments or revealing your personal data. 


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