On World Book Day 2022, Soul App Leads Gen Zers to Experience the Power of Reading

On World Book Day 2022, Soul App has held ‘A Book Lights Up Your Life’ campaign, encouraging all Soulers (Soul User) to share a book, the one that influenced them the most. It isn’t the first time that SOUL invited Soulers to participate in SOUL mission and values. By launching this campaign, SOUL hopes every Souler would be able to take a break from the daily grind and reflect on the values and concepts that books have fueled, as well as why they want to be a part of SOUL. 

This campaign launched on April 18 and last for a week. In order to encourage Soulers to enjoy the joy and power of reading books, SOUL gave all participants limited avatar frames and rewarded the top 3 Soulers who had received “likes” the most with SOUL coins. Since its launch, Soulers from all over the world had been sharing not only their reading stories but also their plans for reading. Through the sharing and interaction, Soulers had seen a wider world and realized that life has no limit. Book served as a tie, bonding these like-minded Soulers.

A Souler named Le Starry from Japan shared that the book Weathering With You had changed her lifestyle. This novel is a beautiful love story. But at the end of the story, it is mentioned that Japan will be submerged due to the change of environment. It led her to think: how would some underdeveloped countries without high technology cope with environmental problems such as rising sea levels? After that, Le Starry conducted a series of studies on environmental protection. During this campaign, she urged all Soulers to help protect the environment. “Using public transport, it’s important for our earth.” She said.

Le Starry’s story attracted Chad’s attention because he had a similar experience. After reading Rising, he found that the environmental change would lead to coastline erosion, which would make the low-income residents living near the coastline become the first group of refugees. He called on all Soulers to take the first step in protecting the environment: be aware of the importance of environmental protection. He sooner became friends with Le Starry and made efforts on environmental protection together with her. 

There were also some romantic stories. For instance, Souler Tracey from Malaysia gained the courage to stay in an exotic relationship from the book Follow You. Fueled by this book, She developed a better understanding of persistence and love. Now, she has already been married to that exotic handsome guy.

A group of Soulers shared how the book had shaped their lives. Money Puppies was Brett’s favorite book. He read it when he was a child and found his interest in finance. Years later, he chose to study Finance in a business school and now he works in a financial institute. Julia fell in love with design by reading Designing Design. Now she runs an independent design studio.

The majority of Soulers are Gen Zers. During ‘A Book Lights Up Your Life’ campaign, they were active to share their stories. It’s not hard to conclude that they enjoy ‘reading social’. In the future, Soul App will continue to explore the way that Gen Zers prefer to interact, to provide a better platform for them to exchange ideas and set up new social connections.


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