What to Include on an Invoice Payment

In a recent survey, around 70% of small businesses had to wait between 1 and 6 months before getting invoices paid.

Unpaid invoices are a common cause for people having to shut the doors to their businesses because they don’t have enough in reserves.

If you are a business owner and want to increase your odds of getting paid, you should update your invoices.

Keep reading if you want to learn how to create an invoice payment to improve your documentation system!

Company Information

One of the most important things to include on an invoice payment is your company information.

Your company name, address, and contact information are all essential elements of an invoice so that people know who they are paying. You can include your company logo as well.

All of the contact and company information should get placed at the top of the invoice. This way, whether you or your vendors are looking through paperwork, they can quickly identify your company. You can create branded invoices that will help your company grow.

Invoice Identification

If you want to learn how to write an invoice, you should have it properly labeled so that it can get identified.

Putting the word ‘invoice’ in a bold and large font can help you and your vendors with paperwork. Another type of invoice identification you should include is the invoice number. Invoice numbers help you match your records and get filed in chronological order.

Important Dates

Finding out what goes on an invoice next is simple, you need to include areas that specify the date of supply and the date that the invoice was sent.

Since most businesses sent an invoice and don’t get it paid immediately, these dates are crucial. If you have any discrepancies between data of service, it can become challenging to know if the company was paid in full.

Some businesses that receive multiple deliveries from a vendor in one week add a range of dates.

Summary of Services

After the dates and company information are written, you will want to include a space for the services.

Whether you are requesting goods or services, you need a spot to summarize them.

If you ordered food, a receipt will help. Services, however, will need a descriptive summary of what happened. Next to each service or item, specify the cost.

Payment Details

The odds of getting paid will increase if you make it easier for vendors to pay you.

At the bottom of the invoice, there should be a section to add up total costs, a space for applicable taxes, and how the vendor can make a payment. This is also a great spot to put information for discounts and promotions.

Improve Your Invoice Payment Today

Any company that works with another business will require a consistent invoice payment process.

By streamlining your invoices, you can make it easier for vendors to make payments and you don’t have to stress about the organization. When all of the key elements of an invoice are included within your template, you don’t have to track people down to complete the transaction.

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