OSRS’s Tombs of Amascut is Coming Soon!

The Tombs of Amascut is an upcoming raid in OSRS. Amascut, the Goddess of Rebirth, becomes twisted in corruption, turning into the Devourer. Now, she’s looking for a well of deep power hidden in the desert. It’s your time to take the fight to her and prevent her from devouring all souls in Gielinor. If you earn some sweet loot and OSRS gold along the way, it only makes the raid worth doing.

Tombs of Amascut Prerequisites

To enter the raid, you’ll need to have done the following quests:

  • Beneath Cursed Sands
  • Contact!
  • Prince Ali Rescue
  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper
  • Gertrude’s Cat

Also, your skills must be at these levels:

  • 62 Agility
  • 55 Crafting and Firemaking

OSRS Bosses

There are four bosses in the Tombs:

  • Akkha
  • Ba-Ba
  • Kephri
  • Zebak

Each one made a deal with the corrupted goddess, willingly or not accepting the terms of eternal slavery. The goddess is cruel, twisting her words and promises just as she succumbed to the darkness.

Akkha was a victim of a cult devoted to Amascut’s previous form. The cult performed a ritual they claimed would make them reborn in a perfect condition. However, it didn’t go well for Akkha. The ritual poison didn’t work, making him hover between life and death. Consequently, that made him a perfect vessel for the Devourer.

Ba-Ba is the matriarch baboon of a flourishing troop with an incompetent heir. Wishing she could be immortal to rule her family eternally, she entered a deal with Amascut. In exchange for her and her family’s service, she willingly accepted immortality through corruption and became a loyal servant.

Kephri was the last of her kind, an ancient, long-lived scarab. For years she was content with watching the desert and gaining knowledge. She wanted children to inherit her immense store of learnings and discoveries as time passed. Amascut offered her the chance to fulfill her desire. As the scarab accepted, the Devourer destroyed her intelligence and turned her into a mindless thrall.

Zebak was once part of a group of crocodiles living in the Elid. Food was scarce then, and the crocs had to rely on resourcefulness to keep themselves fed. Zebak was the weakest of them all, so he thought to trap the others so he could steal their food. Ultimately, he killed all the other crocodiles, leaving him no way to feed himself. Amascut promised him all the food he could eat in exchange for service. He accepted.

The Invocation System

Before you can fight the above bosses, you must go through picking invocations at the start. They’re modifiers to the raid, making it more challenging to complete. Of course, the more difficult you make the raid, the better the rewards you get. This is reflected in the Raid Level in the Reward Potential portion of the menu.

The raid starts with a Raid Level of 0. As you activate invocations, it starts going up. The general difficulties of the dungeon can be summed up here:

  • 0-149: Entry Mode (easiest)
  • 150-299: Normal Mode
  • 300+: Expert Mode

The stated maximum for Raid Levels is 580, mentioned by the devs as ‘Probably Impossible.’ It’ll be interesting to see how far players can go and how high a Raid Level they can complete. This is the best way to increase the chances of getting the sweet loot the raid offers!

Tombs of Amascut Rewards

There are many rewards to get from the raid, but here are the most notable ones.

Masori Armor

This mummy-themed armor will become one of the best Ranged armors out there. The Masori were a clan of ranged-weapon users, active during a war in ancient Al Kharid. Their targets were thieves and murderers wanting to take advantage of the chaos the war caused. Currently, the clan has disbanded, but their weapons and armor are still found among the tombs of Pharaohs.

Requirements for wearing it are:

  • 80 Ranged
  • 30 Defence (80 for the upgraded version)

It consists of three pieces, a helmet, a chest plate, and a chain skirt. The unupgraded armor has the following stats:

  Helm Chestpiece Chainskirt
Stab Defense 3 37 26
Slash Defense 4 35 24
Crush Defense 3 38 29
Magic Defense 6 25 19
Ranged Defense 4 33 22
Magic Attack -1 -4 -2
Ranged Attack 12 43 27

Wearing the whole set also confers a +8 to Ranged Str.

Using some Armadyl Plates (obtained when breaking Armadyl’s Armor) to craft them onto the armor boosts the stats to:

  Helm Chestpiece Chainskirt
Stab Defense 8 59 35
Slash Defense 10 52 30
Crush Defense 12 64 39
Magic Defense 12 74 46
Ranged Defense 9 60 37
Magic Attack -1 -4 -2
Ranged Attack 12 43 27


Aside from the +8 Ranged Str, the upgraded armor set also gives a +3 Prayer bonus. You’ll need 8 Armadyl Plates to fully upgrade the Masori equipment.

Shadow of Tumeken

Tumeken is the God of the Sun in the Menaphite Pantheon. When conflict came to his land through an enemy unlike any they’ve faced before, he sought out a powerful weapon. He found one, but instead of using it for himself, he created the Shadow of Tumeken from it. The resulting staff became powered by the sun, and the name came from ‘the brightest lights come from the darkest of shadows.’

This staff is similar to other Powered Staves. It has a built-in spell charged by Soul and Chaos Runes. You’ll need 85 Magic to equip it, and it has a Magic Attack bonus of 35. More than that, it also has a 20 Magic Defense bonus and +1 to Prayer. Its attack cycle is five ticks, which is a little slow.

It has two passives:

  • Triples Magic Strength from gear worn (but has a hard limit that it cannot go beyond 100% of Magic Strength)
  • Magic Accuracy is tripled

These abilities only take effect for the in-built spells and won’t impact the bonuses to those from any Spellbook.

Ward of Elidinis

Elidinis was the widowed wife of Tumeken after the war. She left the last Pharaoh, Osmumten, her husband’s Heka and her broken Ward before fleeing to mourn her family. The battle was won but at a heavy cost.

You can get the broken Ward from the raid and have it fixed. The process requires an Arcane Sigil and 10,000 Soul Runes. Reversing this by dismantling will return the Ward and the Sigil, but not the runes. You can use the shield in either form, but its stats are better when it’s repaired.

Its level requirements are 80 in Magic, Prayer, and Defense.

Here are its bonuses:

  Broken/Uncharged Repaired/Charged
Stab Defense 5 53
Slash Defense 3 55
Crush Defense 9 73
Magic Defense 0 2
Ranged Defense 6 52
Magic Attack 5 25
Magic Damage 3% 5%
Prayer Bonuses 0 +4


You can trade it when it’s uncharged, but not when it’s fixed. Dying in PvP will result in dismantling the shield and dropping the broken Ward and the Sigil.

Osmumten’s Fang

The last Pharaoh of the Kharidian Desert was also an accomplished hunter. He had many weapons and armor in his collection, and the Fang was one such weapon. It was the one he was buried with.

This weapon excels in punching holes into enemies. It adds a 103 boost to Stab Attacks and a minor 73 to Slash. Besides that, it provides a +103 bonus to Melee Str. Its attack rate is 5 ticks, though, so it’s not a fast weapon. Requires 82 Attack to wield.

Its selling point is its Special Attack that essentially rerolls accuracy for a higher value. It’s a more accurate weapon than most and only costs 25% of the gauge.


This ring is the dream of Special Attack users everywhere. Wearing it will double the natural regen of the gauge, letting you use abilities more often!

There are more rewards than these to look forward to. Materials to upgrade the Rune Pouch and jewels to use in the raid are among those.

Tombs of Amascut Release Date

This brand-new raid is coming on August 24, 2022. Depending on developmental decisions, some values and mechanics might be subject to change. Although it is nearing completion, there could still be unexpected bugs or mistyped formulas to be fixed. Also, there could be balance changes if testers feel like the equipment is overpowered.

Enjoy OSRS!

There’s so much to look forward to when Tombs of Amascut becomes live. Just the thought of invocations and being able to fine-tune the difficulty of the raid is exciting already. The rewards aren’t half bad either.

It’s two more weeks of waiting. Then we can be like Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, or Indiana Jones, raiding ruins for valuable treasures. Have fun earning OSRS GP with your spoils!

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