Wow Dragonflight Alpha Released

Dragonflight’s Alpha Phase has been out for a few weeks now, and several lucky testers are having the time of their lives farming WoW TBC gold. As the weeks go on, new phases are added to the testing stage of the upcoming expansion. As more players pre-order the following primary content for the game, many wonder what the Alpha phase tells gamers about Dragonflight.

Currently Available Content

Blizzard is continuously pumping out features for each phase of the Dragonflight Alpha. Players with access to the testing phase have been grinding for hours to test out new WoW TBC items. Here is what we know so far about the current state of Dragonflight:

Dragon Isles Continent

Blizzard is slowly unveiling areas of the Dragon Isles continent with each phase; the region is set up to be the largest continent from any expansion. The sheer size of the area accommodates activities and quests related to the region’s locals. Though some smaller dragons exist, these incredible creatures have constantly been seen as massive, winged creatures that can overshadow cities. It makes sense the devs created a continent wherein every dragon can fit in.

Blizzard has ensured that the Dragon Isles is ginormous enough to host large-scale activities such as Dragon Riding. This action requires more area than what existing regions pre-Dragonflight have to offer, and with the Dragonflight expansion, these isles were upscaled to allow a more immersive Dragon Riding experience.

For Phase 1, players have access to the Azure Span. This area will allow players to test out the dragon flying mechanic and use the new Dracthyr Evoker class. There were also some recent UI changes. In addition, several talents and professions have been revamped or tweaked, like Alchemy and Blacksmithing.

For Phase 2, gamers gained access to the Forbidden Reach zone. Two raids were introduced to players for testing; these raids are the Neltharus and Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr. Meanwhile, the Shaman class received some talent revamps, while Specializations and Cooking professions received a few tweaks.

In Phase 3, The Walking Shores area has been unlocked for adventurers to explore, which is the home of many untamed creatures and the red and black dragonflights. This zone is rumored to be the first area on which both Horde and Alliance players will embark once they enter their expeditions. A third dungeon, Ruby Life Pools, has also been made available. The talent trees for both Mage and Paladins have been revamped. What’s more, Leatherworking and Jewelcrafting have also received some tweaks.

Dracthyr Dragon Race

One of the biggest things that excites players about Dragonflight was the entry of a new race. Dracthyrs are a race of beings who can better be described as dragon people. They have draconic features while behaving similarly to humanoids, walking on two and standing erect.

The race is unique because it is the only line with access to the Evoker class—this is the first time WoW has merged a class and race into one. Aside from this, Dracthyr has a vast array of various customization choices, which allows players to get more creative with their characters. Blizzard also asserted that more customization options might be available in the future for these characters and races.

Dragonflight Release Date

The target date for the expansion’s release is on or before December 31, 2022. The developers know that fan skepticism is high on whether the studio can deliver Dragonflight on time. This thinking is mainly because previous expansions always came out late. However, WoW devs are confident that they are on track since every content has already been developed and is now just being optimized.

Dragonflight’s release in December 2022 is consistent with WoW’s timetable of releasing expansions every two years. In the meantime, players with access to the Alpha stage should enjoy farming WoW TBC gold in their early access. Other gamers can wait for spots to open up since devs will allow more adventurers as they progress through each phase.


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