Prepping Your Surface for Powder Coating

Powder coating is one of the best ways to get a smooth surface for the products you are finishing. However, that smooth surface can only be achieved if the product is properly prepared prior to spraying. If you apply powder coating to a surface that is covered in rust, corrosion, or even has a previous finish, the powder will not be able to coat it evenly.

There are different means of preparing your surface, including pressure washing, wiping with a solvent, and even steam cleaning. However, when the item is heavily covered with metal scale or rust, you need a more powerful method.

In cases like these, a process called blasting is the most effective option. It typically involves sand or another abrasive material hitting the object with a high force. This helps to remove corrosion, oils, and even defects in the product.

As this process involves forcefully removing items with an abrasive material, it can pose safety risks. The best solution is to complete your blasting inside of a blast room.

What Is a Blast Room?

A blast room is simply an enclosure that allows you to remove unwanted items from your product safely. It keeps the materials you blast away from escaping and posing risks to others or the atmosphere around you.

Benefits of a Blast Room

Safety is a major concern, of course. The last thing you want is to blast away lead paint and it circulates through the air. Additionally, the pressurized air and materials that come from blasting can seriously injure a person if the operator loses control of the blaster.

Using a blast room can help prevent such situations. The dust collector filters capture any particulates that are removed, so they do not escape into the surrounding air. They also help keep the air clear so that the blast operator maintains maximum vision.

In addition to the safety features, a blast room can save you money. You can choose to add a reclamation system, which will collect the abrasive materials you use. In doing so, you can reuse those materials, cutting down on operating costs.

Another benefit to a blast room is that an operator can actually work inside the enclosure. With blast cabinets, the operator must stay outside of the unit, which can make the process a bit more difficult. However, thanks to the filtration system and with the proper heavy-duty gear, the operator can be up close and personal with the blasting process, ensuring the greatest results.

Preparing your surface is one of the most important steps in the powder coating process. With the help of a blast room, you can safely and effectively blast away defects, previous finishes, and more from imperfect surfaces.


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