Top 6 Best Home Automation Systems

The best home automation systems available today allow you to have an unprecedented level of control over your smart devices through the use of hubs. These hubs take your home’s security and convenience to the next level by giving you a greater amount of control over a variety of systems such as your Internet, thermostat, refrigerator, lighting, and more. This being the case, let’s take a look at the top six home automation systems for your smart home.

1. Schneider Electric Wiser Smart Home System

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  • Easy smart system integration
  • Modular smart automated home solution
  • Save on energy
  • High compatibility with other systems

The Schneider Electric Wiser Home Automation System offers many great features such as a single app to control your lighting, temperature, shutters, security, and energy. Speaking of which, it offers advanced functionality to help you cut down on your energy costs without sacrificing comfort. The system is modular, scalable, and easy to install. Your privacy and data are also fully protected and respected. Overall the Wiser Home Automation System offers a superior experience.

2. Amazon Echo

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  • Excellent compatibility
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Accurate voice command option
  • Many helpful features

The Amazon Echo home automation system uses their popular Alexa voice detection technology and comes in many varieties such as the Echo Auto for cars, Echo Show for TV, and the Echo Spot alarm clock. Of course, these can all integrate with the original Echo or the more budget-friendly Echo Dot. The Amazon Echo also features omnidirectional microphones and speakers making it easy to communicate with the device from anywhere in the room.

3. Google Nest Hub

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  • Integrated Google Services
  • Easy to use visual interface
  • Great compatibility
  • Responsive voice commands


  • Privacy issues
  • Screen is small

Google Nest Hub gives you info on local events, traffic, and weather. It can also play music on command. However, what sets the Nest Hub apart is its easy-to-use visual interface via tablet device. It also has great compatibility with the systems in your smart home such as security, heating, and lighting.

There are also a few downsides to Google Nest. Firstly, the tablet has a 7-inch screen which makes it impossible to use from across the room. Google also has many privacy concerns since they’re known for storing as much of your data as possible.

4. Wink Hub 2

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  • Settings can be automated
  • Extremely versatile
  • Features a mobile app


  • Some of the controls are limited

When it comes to versatility, Wink Hub 2 is one of the best home automation systems. Setup is also very easy and consists of simply downloading the app and then connecting it to the smart devices in your home. Its greatest feature, however, is its ability to use “If, Then, This, That” protocols. In other words, you can create very specific automated commands for your smart automated home.

The main drawback of the Wink Hub 2 home automation system is that it doesn’t use voice commands by default. However, this can be overcome by installing something like Siri or Alexa manually.

5. Samsung SmartThings

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  • Backed up by battery
  • Settings are automated
  • Mobile app


  • User experience is limited

Samsung SmartThings is a home automation mobile app designed to work with other Samsung products such as sensors and smart buttons. It also connects with third-party devices, offers IFTTT customization, and has a built-in battery option in case the power fails at your home. The main downside is that the software may not be user-friendly to some.

6. Apple Homekit

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  • Excellent customization
  • Top notch hardware support


  • Only works with Apple devices

The Apple Homekit might be a good option for those who only care about apple devices. While this does make it a bit more limited compared to other home automation systems, its Siri voice control feature is better than most other voice programs. Even so, this is a good option for Apple users who want the true smart automated home experience.


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