Simple Home Décor Product Ideas For The Living Room

The living room is one section of the house which always needs to be in perfect shape. This is because it is used to welcome family and guests alike and acts as a gathering place for every member of the house. As most family members tend to spend a good amount of time in the living room, the living room should be warm, comforting and offer a space of relaxation for all. By using simple home decorations for the living room, one can ensure that their living room becomes a sanctuary of peace within the confines of their very house. Wakefit has a comprehensive product range dedicated to home décor for the living room, which is definitely worth looking at.

While the internet is filled with tons of home décor product ideas for the living room, you can’t possibly go and purchase all of them at once. This can lead to the cluttering of your living room and spoil the overall ambience of the living room. When making a purchase of home décor products for your living room, you should always make sure that the products are purposeful as well as stylish. Since the living room is the soul of the house, make sure that the products you use for decoration reflect the personality of the house and its occupants. This way, you can be sure of creating a long-lasting positive impact on guests and visitors.

To make your life a tad easier, we have compiled the following list of home décor products that are a must-buy for your living room:

Plants & Greenery

Add plants to your living room. As sustainability is very much in trend these days, make sure to add these green beings to your living room décor items. They are pleasant to see, refreshing and open a window to the nature outside. Plants are also natural air purifiers and do more good than harm to us. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always use fake plants available in various colours, sizes, and textures. They almost look as good as real and are definitely low maintenance than real plants. While adding this element of décor to your living room, make sure to identify the right spot of placement so that it blends effortlessly with the interiors of your living room.

A Tick-Tock Wall Clock

Another classic hall decoration item that can never grow old is the wall clock. Even with the availability of smartphones, out of habit, some people always tend to look up at the wall to check the time. A stylish wall clock for the living room is a great way to decorate the empty walls of the living room. These wall clocks are available in various designs and features, a popular one being the cuckoo wall clock, which allows users to set customised cuckoo sounds every hour. If this is too old-fashioned for you, you can go for a simple, minimalist design wall clock for your living room.

Show Off Your Collections

The living room is the perfect place to reveal or show off your most prized possessions or personal collectives close to your heart. To achieve a vintage look, you can always use an antique showpiece for the living room for this purpose. Another amazing hack is to display wall art collections having detailed illustrations. For example, welcoming house paintings look refreshing and add a new palette to your living room walls. Also, wall arts will bring layering, focal points, and personalization to your living space. However, there are also many modern designs of showpieces that are elegant and functional, which are worth checking out.

Fancy Lights

Besides the regular lighting found on the ceiling of your living room, make your living room fancier and livelier by using fancy lights for home decoration. These are available in various patterns and shapes, such as fairy lights, lantern-shaped lights, star lights, or flower-shaped lights. You can choose the most appropriate ones and in sync with the rest of your living room décor. These fancy lights are also quite popular for creating a funky wall art design for bedrooms of teens and young adults.

Jewellery Holder

Besides your showpiece, you can also use a jewelry holder to accentuate the décor of your living room. Who said that a jewellery holder goes in the bedroom? If the jewellery holder is stylish and makes a statement, it can also be used as a home décor product for the living room. You can use a shallow, textured tray as a ring dish, which can also store important keys that may get misplaced. There are also tiered, vintage swivelling trays that look great in your living room while storing your jewellery in an orderly, compartmentalised fashion.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Any living room is incomplete without a mirror on one of its walls. A wall mirror is a great technique to make a small space appear bigger. Mirrors also brighten the space and are a great visual aesthetic. Use a large, broad and stylish mirror encased in a beautiful frame to add beauty and elegance to the wall.


We hope that this article helps you design a fantastic living room using these simple home décor products. Do let us know what worked for your living room and what got you compliments from your guests.


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