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Slots, just like bingo or any other game of chance, has its own dictionary. If you’ve ever played slots you will know that there are a lot of terms to describe slots, their functions or the way they play UK demo slots like Chilli Heat Slot. But what do these phrases mean exactly?

Here is your online slots lingo guide. Whether you are a new player or someone who’s got experience in slots, you will never have to worry about unknown descriptions again! 

  • Tight, or dry, or cold slot – a game that is usually high variance and doesn’t pay out frequently. Could also be used to describe an overall low-paying slot.

  • High variance – this means that the game pays out in rare, but sizeable wins. Smaller and more frequent payouts are possible but not common.

  • Low variance – a game with low variance will pay out in smaller sums but more frequently.
  • Zero return – used to describe spins that do not yield any wins.

  • Hit frequency – a rating in slots that describes how often a player can expect to land wins.

  • Megaways – this is a specific game mechanic that features 6 reels with varying amounts of symbols on every reel, from 2 to 7. Due to these variations, Megaways games have different amounts of paylines on every spin, with a maximum of 117’649 paylines. Some of the biggest payouts are possible thanks to the Megaways system.

  • Bonus round – a special feature in slots games where you could be awarded free spins, a chance at the prize wheel or instant cash wins. Bonus rounds are typically enabled by landing 3 or more scatters.

  • Branded slot – a game that is themed after a popular TV show, film, video game or a board game, for example, Monopoly Megaways, Wheel of Fortune slot or the Avengers slot.

  • Cascading, or Tumbling, or Avalanche reels – a special feature in some slots where winning combinations are removed and new symbols fill in their place for a chance to incur multiple wins within a single spin. Games that have this feature include Gonzo’s Quest and Dragon’s Luck.

  • Classic slot – typically a game with 3 reels that is styled after the vintage slot machines with winning symbols such as bars, 7’s, jokers, etc.

  • Paytable – an instruction page in every slot. On the paytable, you will find all the winnings symbols and their values, as well as any bonus symbols present in the game, or any bonus features explained.

  • A fruit machine, or pokies, or a one-armed bandit – a slang term for a slot machine.

  • Fixed payline slot – a slot that has an unchanging amount of paylines.

  • RTP (return-to-player) – A theoretical percentage that shows what portion of the total bets placed on a slot machine will be returned to the players in the form of winnings. RTP can be a good pointer to whether a slot is profitable or not.

  • Win both ways – a slot that pays out winning combinations both from left to right and from right to left.

  • RNG (random-number-generator) – a computer chip that decides the outcomes of spins. RNG creates series of random numbers which influence the outcome of every spin. Numbers are generated at very high speeds, usually with multiple numbers within a split second. RNG guarantees a game that is random.


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