Smart Gadgets to Revolutionize Your Vacation Rental

Everything we do is influenced by technology. Whether it’s purchasing at the supermarket, communicating with a loved one on the other side of the globe, or just sitting back to watch a new Netflix series, there’s no disputing that technology plays a significant part in our everyday lives.

Unsurprisingly, the vacation rental industry is no exception. Not only do passengers currently plan and book their vacations using a mix of applications and technology tools, but they’re also coming to anticipate technological solutions as part of the package.

Indeed, computerized welcome books are becoming more prevalent in vacation rental properties. Further investigation reveals that two-thirds of organizations are currently using channel managers.

Apart from booking management software, owners and managers exhibit an increasing tendency toward on-site technology implementation. For example, less than a quarter of homeowners have installed a keyless entry system, and one-fifth have a linked thermostat.

A rising number of vacation rental operators are upgrading their companies via home automation and smart home technologies. And that’s unsurprising, considering the plethora of advantages it may provide. Consider some of the most prominent smart home technologies and the benefits of automation for your vacation rental.

The advantages of intelligent home technology and automation

There are several advantages to updating your vacation rental via smart home gadgets. Apart from enhancing property safety and security, home automation and intelligent features may also help make visitors’ stays more pleasant and easy. Additionally, smart appliances may increase the value of a rental property while reducing expenditures and environmental effects.

Numerous smart home technologies can also streamline operations and enhance overall vacation rental management, enabling hosts to operate their enterprises remotely.

Adding smart home devices to your property may be a win-win situation for everyone. Hosts benefit from speedier turnover, lower expenses and energy consumption, as well as easy remote management of the property. For visitors, on the other hand, smart gadgets may instantly infuse a holiday with luxury and a high-tech atmosphere, while also increasing security and convenience.

Increase the safety and security of your property

In a poll performed at the end of 2018, 75% of respondents claimed that safety was the primary factor in their decision to acquire home automation equipment.

Apart from ensuring guests’ safety and security during their visit, home security systems may also assist maintain property security (and hosts’ peace of mind) during vacancies. With smart locks, hosts may often produce a unique key code for the duration of each guest’s stay. As a result, this form of technology eliminates the concern that visitors may fabricate duplicate keys or lock themselves out.

Additionally, intelligent smoke alarms and water sensors may help ensure the safety of guests and property. Not only can they alert the property owner to anything out of the norm, but they may also assist them in preventing possible problems before they emerge.

Enhance everyday operations

If you manage your vacation rental remotely, home automation will alleviate a great deal of the administrative burden. Check-in after hours? You’ll have it in hand. Check-out early? Not at all!

Access to these capabilities streamlines the process for both you and your visitors – regardless of whether they are arriving or departing. Indeed, research indicates that more than 61% of tenants are likely to choose an apartment only for its technological connectivity.

Having automatic check-in systems in places, such as smart locks or lockboxes, also means that you won’t have to worry about allowing service professionals to access your unit if you ever need maintenance or repairs.

Vacation Rentals’ Most Popular Smart Home Gadgets

Many visitors who stay in vacation rentals do so for the “home away from home” experience. Having said that, it is critical that the property is in excellent condition and those daily activities such as check-in and communication go well.

Which devices are the handiest for your holiday rental? We’ve developed six innovative vacation rental solutions that will transform your business:

Smart Locks

Keyless entrance to your vacation rental home using a smart lock is one of the handiest modifications you can make. Regardless of the lock type, a keyless entry system is a much safer solution for short-term rental homes. Indeed, over 70% of visitors indicate they would rather have a smart lock than regular lock keys in their vacation rental due to the fear of losing them.

To begin, it enables visitors to access and exit the property without having to consider who needs the key and when. Second, for systems that use a key code, a unique number may be produced in advance of check-in for each arriving visitor or group, allowing a more seamless arrival and departure procedure. Additionally, intelligent locks assist in avoiding tourists accidentally leaving the front door open since they typically lock immediately upon closing.

Finally, visitors cannot lose the key or manufacture a physical duplicate – both guests and hosts can be certain that no prior renters will return to the property long after checkout.

Smart Thermostats 

Energy usage is tough to manage as a vacation rental owner. When your visitors depart during the summer, they may leave the air conditioning on full blast. Mid-winter, on the other hand, is a similar narrative, but with the addition of heating. Through temperature automation, smart thermostats may help mitigate this danger — owners can establish controls on temperature settings and even regulate them remotely.

Additionally, some of these gadgets can recognize whether a traveler is at home or out for the day and regulate the air conditioning or heating appropriately. Not only can smart thermostats assist to save energy, but they may also help owners and managers save money by adjusting the temperature.


Connected smart lighting systems are convenient for hosts and visitors at a vacation rental. For visitors, they may impart a luxurious, high-tech vibe to the house – while remaining functional in the same way that conventional lights have always done. However, there are two primary advantages of intelligent lighting systems for hosts.

To begin, you can ensure that lights are not left on after visitors exit your house – and, if they are, you may manage them through the app. Additionally, during the low season (or when the house is not leased), you may automatically program the lights to turn on and off to provide the illusion that someone is home. This may assist in discouraging criminals and other unauthorized guests from peeping into your property.

Doorbell with video

Video doorbells have grown in popularity over the last several years, with businesses like Ring and Nest establishing a foothold in the market.

This newest design is a doorbell equipped with a camera that informs your smartphone when someone approaches it. It then establishes a live connection between you and the camera. No matter where you are, you will be able to see and communicate with anyone is at your front door at all times!

Certain hosts are prone to have more visits without notifying their guests. This creates a slew of complications: the property may not be fit for a certain number of guests, neighbors may complain about excessive noise, or hosts may charge an extra guest fee that visitors are avoiding. A video doorbell will eliminate all of these issues since you will be able to monitor who enters and exits your vacation rental home.

If you operate your vacation rental remotely, you may now meet and welcome your visitors personally. Inform visitors in advance that a video doorbell has been installed to prevent any surprises or frights!


Making use of the power of modern technology is a great way to make the process of managing your vacation rental much easier. Smart gadgets are one of the best ways to do that. Another great way is to utilize great vacation rental software. Great software can save you hours a week and help increase your revenue.


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