The Best Project Management Features Seen in the Monday.Com Demo

A reliable project management software will not only automate the processes according to the organization’s routine but also help manage new projects. It allows businesses to venture into unfamiliar territory and meet the goals of any client. There is one such solution that can be used to tackle any project from research to construction. A demowill convince users that it has the best features and offers the flexibility users need to handle all their tasks.

The software has robust capabilities and offers a multitude of benefits to users. Some features make project management a breeze for users. The companies who want a platform that helps carefully analyze details and take diligent measures to handle operations will enjoy However, they should evaluate all the pros and cons before adopting any new software. Listed below are some factors that will weigh in favor of the choice.

People Management

Most project management software lacks features related to people management and their primary focus is always on the projects. With the demo, users can see a top-down view of all tasks, their subtasks, and interdependencies. The software considers people as resources and they manage them as such. Unlike traditional tools where managers have to update the tasks and related items themselves, has automated options for all projects and categories.

The software was specifically designed to overcome the limitations of the traditional approach and it puts people first. It works well because users are empowered by the features. The interface is extremely customizable and it offers multiple templates when users are setting up the project or creating boards. They can also communicate with each other and communicate about the details of the project. The analytics feature extends to the employees as well and it evaluates the performance of each team member for the managers.

Intuitive UI

The software has no utility if people find it difficult to use and to encourage more users to make it a part of their daily routine, it has to be user-friendly. It should help the people working on it achieve their objectives in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. The democan demonstrate the ease of useand attractive layout of the platform. It is one of those tools that offers a comprehensive list of features on all subscription packages.

The range of customization that pricingoffers is unmatched but it extends to the features too. Project managers can set it up according to their preferences and visualize information however they want. The Gantt charts help track action items and employees can see upcoming tasks in the form of a timeline as well. There are different types of viewing options and the dashboard gives an overview of all current projects. Different visualization tools let users choose from Kanban-style boards or maps.

Workload Management                     helps users arrange tasks and group them according to their assigned department or deadline. Each task can be given to an individual on the team and the best thing about this software is that users can add extra columns to each group whenever they want. The horizontal bars are relevant to the tasks but the columns are for adding details and they can be defined according to their types such as hyperlinks, attachments, or checkboxes.

There are some unique options related to progress tracking which map out the timeline and status for each group of tasks. Users can also add a phone column to the sheet which allows them to call contacts directly from the platform as can be seen in demo.

Constant Collaboration

Team members can update the files and add comments on each task for all relevant persons to see. It also allows them to start a Q&A session to record the knowledge associated with every item. These features were designed to improve communication between the project manager and their teams. There are file-sharing options and hyperlinks that multiple users go through to view and edit the most important files. offers a lot more than just these features when it comes to collaboration.

The email and phone columns also facilitate easy communication between team members or clients. Adding phone numbers or email addresses to the column allows quick access to the concerned person and typing a message or making a phone call is just a click away. There are so many flexible options available that it can replace other management platforms too.

The demoshows how it is the perfect tool for a small team. It can help users develop the right skills and become customer-savvy in no time. Some features overlap with CRM software so teams can strengthen their relationships through the same platform too.

Customer Support

The platform is people-centered and designed to be an effective tool in all kinds of situations. One of the most convincing factors for its adoption is the level of accessibility. It has a practical user interface with support options available on the dashboard. No matter pricing scheme the users opt for they can contact their technical support with all their questions and concerns. softwareprovides a library of user guides and self-knowledge bases which contain detailed information on all the modules and features. The representatives are accessible through the email and phone number 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, year-round. The users have a 2-factor authentication system that keeps all project information secured which minimizes any risks to the company. The support team can also help integrate it with legacy systems and other tools depending on the size of the organization.


The experts say that software is one of the top project management tools because of its range of features and high usability. It allows many software integration options and continues to roll out updates making it an attractive alternative to traditional systems.

Meta Description: A project management tool should be user-friendly, efficient, and offer excellent support. The demo covers all these and more.


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