How You Can Communicate When Working in Remote Areas

The middle of nowhere is in your backyard! 19% of Americans live in rural areas. You should expect to work with or for someone out in the countryside at some point in your career.

Remote areas can give you exciting job opportunities, yet communication can be extremely difficult. You need to take steps right now to prepare for remote work and keep your team safe.

We believe asynchronous communication is one of the best methods.

What tools should you use when you are communicating in a forest or another remote location? How can you use visuals to help your team? What codes should you use?

Answer these questions and you can navigate through remote areas easily. Here is your quick guide.

Use a Two-Way Radio

Two-way radios are your ideal tool for communicating in remote areas. They rely on radio towers that can broadcast signals through thick forests and mountain ranges, even if the internet is not working.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with radios before you head out. You can shop for MOTOTRBO Ion radios specifically, but you should compare the brand to others.

All of your employees should receive training in how to use radios for remote communication. They should understand how to operate the radios and dial them to the correct frequencies.

Use Visuals

When you need to send emails or text messages, you should avoid writing long texts. You should try sending out visuals that convey what you mean with minimal information.

The easiest visuals to make are photographs. You can take one with your phone and then write a very short caption describing it. Sending out photographs allows your employees to see for themselves what the situation is and how they can help.

You can also send out infographics and charts to educate your employees about important topics. Be brief with the text on your graphics, using bullet points instead of full sentences.

Develop a Code

The fewer words you use, the easier it is to communicate remotely. If you don’t have a code in your workplace, you should develop one. You can rely on codes that police departments or the military use, or you can make one up yourself.

You can use words or numbers in your code. If you want to keep your code secret, numbers may be better because they are harder for others to decipher.

When you are using your code, you should repeat each command a few times. Someone may mishear something, so repeating yourself will make things clear.

Work Well in Remote Areas

Remote areas can be challenging. You should try using long-range radios that allow communications in two ways, yet you shouldn’t buy the first radios you see. You should find effective and cheap ones that all of your workers can use.

When you text and email people, you should try using photographs and graphics. You should otherwise communicate through short codes consisting of numbers. Be as clear as you can be while talking, repeating your commands so everyone understands them.

Don’t limit yourself to radios and codes. Read more communication guides by following our coverage.


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