What is Brand Awareness? 3 Things You Should Know

Did you know nine out of ten Americans eat at McDonald’s at least once a year? It just goes to show how a major company with great brand awareness can influence daily life.

If you’re running a business, it’s absolutely vital that your brand awareness levels are as high as possible. But many business owners and brand managers are still unaware of the full effect brand awareness can have on their business.

Want to understand “what is brand awareness?” and why it’s so important? Read on! We’ve put together this simple guide to help you understand the concept.

What Is Brand Awareness?

In the simplest terms possible, brand awareness is exactly what it says on the tin! It’s all about whether people know your brand exists and how much they know about the products or services you offer.

Ideally, brand awareness should come with positive feelings towards your company. You want consumers to associate your business with the product or service you offer, as well as specific good traits.

As an example, think about a company like Amazon. Most people, even if they have some ethical gripes with the brand, know that they can rely on Amazon for speedy service and a wide range of available products.

Different Techniques For Raising Brand Awareness

It’s important for businesses of all sizes to have a strong brand awareness strategy in place. Major businesses have huge budgets and entire departments designed to measure brand awareness and get its name out to the public.

There are lots of different tactics available to companies looking to get their name out to the public. Some of the most common are conventional advertising methods, like billboards and TV advertising. Sometimes, a company might give out free products or engage in philanthropy to ensure the public associates their name with good things.

Many companies are using innovative, digitally-based strategies to grow their brand. One new marketing strategy used to improve brand awareness is self serve advertising. It allows brands to more precisely target their marketing material, saving money and time.

A Good Example

Some brand names become so popular that they become an important part of temporary culture. How often have you heard a friend or family member repeat a corporate slogan like “just do it” or “I’m lovin’ it”?

Companies like Nike and McDonald’s have instant corporate recognition, practically everywhere on earth. These huge companies are at the top of their game and it might be unrealistic to expect your company to ever have the same marketing power as these behemoths.

But we can still learn a lot from their marketing strategies. The way they promote themselves with innovative advertising campaigns and iconic branding is something every brand should aspire to.

Grow Your Knowledge With More Great Content

Brand awareness is a huge part of any major company’s success. By checking out different techniques and doing your research, you’ll be able to find new and exciting ways to get your name out there.

Now we’ve answered the question “what is brand awareness?” how about learning something else? Check out our blog for all kinds of interesting content!


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