Are you planning to buy a rescue knife?

You need not be a first responder to get this trusty tool. After all, emergencies are the best reason to buy one.

Having excellent knife skills is good, but using the best rescue knives will make it better. With different types of rescue knives available, which ones should you buy? Continue reading below for top-notch options in the market:

Spyderco Assist

The Spyderco Assist is one of the most versatile rescue knives around. It’s also one of the best rescue knives for beginners. After all, the 3.69-inch blade features an 80% serrated edge for cutting different materials.

Spyderco’s blade is stainless steel, making it low-maintenance. It has a solid ergonomic grip and a one-handed opening. The knife is durable enough to cut even underwater.

The downside is the price tag since many find the Spyderco Assist expensive. Regardless, this tool is a wise long-term investment for a first-time knife.

Benchmade Triage916SBK

The Benchmade Triage 916SBK is one of the top options because of its premium nature. The drop-point blade is 3.4 inches long, featuring partial serration, a blunt tip, and stainless steel construction.

You will have an easy time opening the blade even with your gloves on. It also has dual thumb studs, a reversible pocket clip, and an ambidextrous AXIS lock.

The Triage is an excellent tool for first responders to cut seat belts in their rescues.

Victorinox RescueTool

If you are searching for a multi-tool rescue knife, consider this one from Victorinox. It is a Swiss Army Knife with a long leaf-shaped blade. It features two-thirds serrations for basic cutting.

RescueTool also has a seatbelt cutter, a window breaker, and a shatterproof glass disc saw. Completing the features are a reamer/punch, tweezers, a toothpick, and two screwdrivers. Its lanyard allows you to tie it on your TAC bag.

Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife

Firefighters and EMTs often enjoy the benefits of the Hinderer Rescue Knife. However, the general public can use this tool as well. It features an evenly distributed weight, allowing comfort and stability while cutting.

The serrated blade measures 3.5 inches and is sharp enough to cut through almost anything. A window punch, an oxygen tank opener, and a 9-piece tool kit also come with it.

Anvil Bladesmiths Bullshark G-10 8CR13 Knife

This knife is perfect if you want superior edge retention and underwater reliability. The Bladesmiths Bullshark G-10 8CR13 uses stainless steel to cut a seatbelt. It is also trustworthy as a window breaker.

One of its unique features is the deployment technology. It lets you release the blade using the thumb stud. Regardless of your chosen rescue knife, be sure to follow state knife laws.

Go Beyond the Best Rescue Knives Now

Rescue knives are excellent investments for anyone looking to protect themselves. They can make life easier outdoors and serve as a lifeline during emergencies.

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