The Bitcoin revolution in Cuba and it’s core

If you missed it, Cuba just became the latest country to adopt Bitcoin. Here’s a deeper examination of Bitcoin and why it’s so prevalent in Cuba.  Looking for a secure Crypto trading platform check bitcoin up app.

How is the Bitcoin revolution transforming Cuba?

Most people associate Cuba with socialism, communism, and tropical beaches.

But in recent years, another thing has been gaining popularity on the island: Bitcoin.

It means that all industries are owned by the state, with very little private ownership. The government controls everything, from the mainstream press to the economic system, and citizens are not allowed to engage in many “capitalist” operations.

In 2014, the country began allowing foreigners to own property, and in 2015, it began allowing them to use credit and debit cards. And now, Bitcoin is starting to take off in Cuba.

This is mainly a result of factors. First and foremost, Cuba has exceptionally high wage growth. The Cuban peso is worth less and less every day, so people are looking for ways to protect their savings. Bitcoin is best suited for this because any nation’s central bank does not monitor it.

Second, there are few options for sending money to and from Cuba. The country has strict currency controls, so most international companies will not deal with Cuban banks. It makes it challenging for Cubans to wire funds to family members and friends living in other countries. You can use Bitcoin to bypass these restrictions.

Third, Cuba has a very young population. Over 60% of the country is under 35, and many are tech-savvy and eager to embrace new technologies. Bitcoin is a way to help Cuba catch up to the rest of the world.

Fourth, Cuba has a large diaspora. An estimated 2 million Cubans live abroad, and many send money back to their families on the island. You can use Bitcoin to send money quickly and cheaply without going through a bank.

Finally, Cuba is undergoing a significant economic transition. In 2016, the country started to normalise relations with the United States, which is expected to lead to a significant influx of foreign investment. Bitcoin will become even more popular as Cuba frees up to the rest of the world.

The Bitcoin revolution in Cuba

Cuba has been struggling economically ever since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. The country’s socialist government has been unable to provide its citizens with the same standard of living they enjoyed during the days of the Soviet Union. As a result, it has led to a lot of discontent among the Cuban people.

However, in recent years, a new development has given the Cuban people hope: the Bitcoin revolution.

The Bitcoin revolution is a movement using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin to bypass the Cuban government’s restrictions on the economy. Using Bitcoin, people can buy and sell goods and services without the government’s permission.

It is a big deal for Cuba because it means that its citizens now have a way to improve their standard of living without relying on the government. If it continues to grow, it could completely change Cuba’s economic work.

Bitcoin is starting to take off in Cuba because of the country’s high inflation rate, strict currency controls, young population, large diaspora, and economic transition.

Pros and cons of Bitcoin revolution in Cuba

The pros of the Bitcoin revolution in Cuba are that it could help improve the island’s economic conditions and make it easier for Cubans to access international markets. It could also help to increase transparency and reduce corruption.

The cons of the Bitcoin revolution in Cuba are that it could lead to more economic inequality and make it harder for the government to control the economy. There is also a risk that Bitcoin could be used to launder money or finance crime.


The Bitcoin revolution in Cuba is a positive development that could help to improve the country’s economy. However, there are some dangers associated with it, which is why It is essential to monitor the situation closely to see how it develops.


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