The Greatness of Humanity

As human beings, our potential for good and evil is really immeasurable. Throughout history, we have seen all sorts of examples of this. The world has seen both great leaders and powerful tyrants. There have been acts of service alleviating great suffering and actions causing suffering at staggering levels.

And these things continue today. On a smaller scale, each of us can choose how to use our potential to help another or hurt one another. But more often than not, people choose to do good and take care of someone else instead of looking away. This is the greatness of humanity. A recent example of this is Stefan Soloviev, who donated 1 million dollars to help Ukrainians.

Legacy of Kindness

Stefan Soloviev mentioned that he and his family have deep roots in Sweden, Eastern Europe, and Russia, and actually, one of his grandmothers was Ukrainian. After seeing the difficult times that people in Ukraine are experiencing, the foundation has contributed its grain of sand to relieve suffering. This is just part of a legacy of kindness and humanity that will last for generations.

Different Ways To Help

If you have ever had the desire to help your neighbor, that’s enough to make a difference. It’s not necessary to be on the war front, donate millions of dollars, or become a nun to help your community. There are many ways to help someone in need every single day.

Although the human race has come further and further and continued to advance technologically, there are still things that need to be worked on. Every day, everywhere, we can see inequality, injustice, and lack of compassion in the world. And, until we choose to actively do the opposite, we are not helping resolve anything. But, when you do something, be it small or big, that is helping to contribute to the good in the world. That is what Stefan Soloviev realized, so he decided to do his part to assist the world.

Differences Make Us Great

If you feel for the people going through hard times in the world, the next step is obvious. Doing something for others is always the right way to go. Of course, what you do does depend on your resources, abilities, and capacities, but even if those are few, you can still do good. No service is better or more helpful than another; they are all unique, just like each of us. This is what makes us as humans great.

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