The rising popularity of voice-activated games

Games have been evolving in different and exciting ways. Whether the graphics are realistic or the storyline and complexity of games, it’s essential to keep up with the latest trends for most people who enjoy gaming. There are a few areas to consider when examining the future of gaming.

1) Games need stunning graphics

When it comes to a “quality” game, graphics are becoming increasingly important. With the rise in the popularity of gaming, the opportunities for gamers to spend more time playing on their computers and consoles has also risen. Without great graphics, people will lose interest and stop playing.

2) Voice recognition

One of the newest trends is voice recognition technology. Making its debut in Assassin’s Creed: Origins in 2017 and other games since, voice recognition has put a game in your hands by letting you control it using your voice. However, it’s not only the big console makers that have utilized voice commands for their games. For example, an increasingly popular game is Alexa question of the day. Users ask Alexa the question of the day, encouraging people to learn general knowledge.

3) Smartphone games

The rise in downloading games on smartphones has been a major force in the gaming world. With the emergence of smartphones, many people are able to have their own portable gaming system that gives them access to any game at any time. However, there is a division among gamers about whether or not this will be the death of consoles. The popularity of downloadable games like Candy Crush requires extra money for purchasing and potentially spending a lot of money on some addicting game that drains your batteries.

4) AR & VR gaming

Augmented reality gaming has become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only are there some games that feature AR elements, but also some of the newest gaming systems, such as the Nintendo Switch, have featured these opportunities. Virtual reality has also taken off with many advancements in technology and gaming. However, virtual reality is still fairly limited when it comes to the mobility of users.

5) Multiplayer gaming

Gaming has always been a social activity with friends and family bonding over games like Mario Kart or Halo. With the internet and portable gaming, it is possible to play online with others if you wish. However, multiplayer gaming has been facing some big challenges such as cheating in the game. This has led to a decrease in its popularity over time.

6) Digital distribution

When it comes to putting a game into your hands, there are some options. You can go out and purchase the game at your local store, download it from the internet or even buy it through services like Steam (a gaming platform owned by Valve Corporation). With digital distribution, you can save money on renting games or even buying games digitally to save space on your computer or console that has limited storage space for games.

The future of gaming will likely include many exciting things. With the rise in technology, most games may be more advanced and immersive than ever.


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