The top eight bakeries offering custom-made cupcakes in Singapore

A cupcake is a small cake designed to serve one person, often baked in a small thin paper or aluminum cup. It can also be eaten by hand.

The art of baking cupcakes has only recently become popular among mainstream bakeries in the last few years – but it’s not just about cakes anymore! The best way to explain the craze is to introduce you to the top ten cupcakeries in Singapore.

Cupcakes come in all kinds of colors and flavors and at these eight bakeries, there’s no such thing as “typical”. For more information about customized cakes, visit here Some are hand-made every day while some use only the finest ingredients imported from abroad, but they’re all one thing in common.

They are all exceptionally good cupcakes!

1) Twelve Cupcakes

Twelve cupcakes are a baking company that specializes in custom-made cakes and cupcakes. The bakery was founded by cousins Sharon and Lily, who created their first 12 flavors of cupcakes with the mission to bring fun, happiness, and joy to everyone through their baked goods. They now have over 30 types of cupcakes and they even offer mini cupcakes as well. Customers can choose from flavors like carrot cake, mojito, and banana pudding. Their cakes come in a variety of flavors including chocolate, red velvet, and chai tea. To order their customized products, click here

2) Le Cupcakery, Mandarin Gallery

Le Cupcakery is a popular bakery in Singapore specializing in delicious cupcakes with unique flavors. The top 3 favorite flavors are vanilla bean, red velvet, and cookies & cream cupcake. This shop has been featured on television shows such as Clever Cakes and Cupcakes; Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, All Access with Estee Lalonde, among many more.

3) Butter Studio

The music played in the store is very upbeat making this shop a really pleasant place to visit with friends. There are about 90 flavors of cupcakes available here – you can pick and choose from a wide selection of cupcakes with unusual toppings such as red velvet topped with chocolate truffle, pistachio brownie, vanilla chip macaroon, and lemon coconut.

4) Tous Les Jours

This bakery is a breath of fresh air to the local bakery scene. The group has been running successful businesses in the United States, China, and Japan since 1997. Its first branch in Singapore broke crowd records on opening day with over 1,300 people lining up – that’s 10 times the number of customers they usually get!

5) Buttercup Bakehouse

Saving the best for last, Buttercup Bakehouse has six outlets across Singapore featuring classic cupcakes, themed cupcakes, and sliders. The store recently released a line of miniature burgers that have been getting rave reviews.

6) ButterMe

Desiree Heng, the owner and bakery genius behind ButterMe, has always had a special place in her heart for buttery baked goods, especially cupcakes. Her colorful cupcakes are very popular with children and parents too! You can buy the cupcakes in either full-size or half-size.

7) Frangipani Cupcakes

Frangipani Cupcakes is located at Clarke Quay Central where you can enjoy delicious cupcakes with a gorgeous view of the river. They also have two other outlets, one at Mandarin Gallery and one at Bugis+. The cupcakes at Frangipani Cupcakes are baked fresh on order and the ingredients used are of a very high standard – they even import cocoa powder from Belgium!

8) Make Me Blush Cupcakery

There is a common misconception that cupcakes can only come in vanilla or chocolate, but Make Me Blush Cupcakery knows that you can do anything with a cupcake! Owner and baker, Sylvia Ow started out selling her cupcakes from a pushcart at the end of 2011. In 2012, she won Best in Show for her egg waffles at an event organized by the Society of Chinese Cuisine Chefs and in 2013, she has crowned the King of the Cupcakes. Her cupcakes come in a wide variety of flavors such as black forest, red velvet, and tiramisu.


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