Things to Do When Meeting Your Car Accident Attorney

Cars are no longer just a mode of transportation. They have become extensions of our personal space and offer us the opportunity to explore the world around us. It’s no wonder that we often grow attached to them; they’re like family members. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and when they do, it is important to know what steps you should take after being in an accident with your car or someone else’s. Here are some things to do when meeting with your car accident attorney:

Obtain any evidence from the accident scene.

If you are in an auto collision, it is important to get off of the road immediately and gather evidence from the scene. Take as many photos as you can of the damage on your vehicle, including skid marks if applicable, as well as other objects or people involved in the crash that may have been damaged. These photos will help the attorney prepare for trial should he choose to proceed with litigation against another party based on negligence.

Connect your insurance company with your lawyer.

It is critical to notify your insurance company following an accident. If you are unable to contact them immediately after an accident, they will most likely call you soon enough with questions regarding the incident.

It’s best not to hold anything back from your insurer, as doing so could result in a denial of coverage for any damages resulting from the collision and other costs associated with getting your vehicle repaired or replaced if need be.

After talking to the insurance, you can link your insurance with your lawyer. Always stay in touch with your lawyer until all questions have been answered about insurance coverage and payment/settlement amounts available through them as well as any other steps along the way during the investigation.

Gather evidence of your injuries to give to the attorney.

It is important not only to gather any evidence that could be relevant regarding damage done by or to other cars involved in the accident but also physical evidence of your own injuries and/or damages to your car as a result of the collision.

If you are physically capable, take photographs showing how you appear before any medical care was administered (i.e., bruising, swelling) and after (i.e., casts).

This will help your long island car accident attorney establish what costs should be covered under insurance for personal injury claims related to auto collisions if it ends up going towards court proceedings between parties at fault for an accident with results including negligent behavior such as speeding or running red lights that lead into car collisions.

Police report

You can also provide your lawyer with police reports regarding your accident. Police reports can show who was at fault for the collision and what, if any, charges were brought against those involved. Police reports are in writing form so the lawyer can have them for documentation of what happened.

Witness statements

If you have any witnesses to the accident, ask them for contact information and make sure you get copies of their written statements if they were not interviewed by police. A witness statement is important to a lawyer since it helps him in the case.

Car repair bills

Keep all of your car repair bills in a safe place for when you meet with the lawyer. Car bills are essential since they show what you have been through and how much it has cost to repair your car. The car bills will also help when you are in court since they will show how much you have been affected by the car accident. The car repair bill will also determine the amount of money you will receive in case of a settlement.

What to expect

When meeting an accident lawyer, he or she will ask you questions regarding the day of the accident and how the accident happened. A lawyer will collect the documents you have and also record a statement with you.

When you meet with an accident attorney, be prepared to answer questions regarding damage done, injuries sustained, and how the accident happened. It is important not only to cooperate with your lawyer throughout this process but also to make sure you keep copies of everything in case he needs it for reference later on when looking into the car accident.

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