Things you need to know about lightsabers

In science fiction, lightsabers have gained much popularity. Lightsabers are iconic weapons used in Star Wars. A lightsaber is a weapon used in science fiction. This is a sword that is made up of plasma. This can cut through a lot of things. It sounds cool when you swing the sword around. This is the biggest and the most famous star Wars weapon used in the world.

A lightsaber is used in knight festivals and battles. This is the most important fighting weapon that is used in Star Wars. There are several things that you need to know about lightsabers. A few of them are listed below.


Before the time, lightsabers were known and loved; these were known as forcesabers. Forcesabers were controlled by beams of plasma. These were concentrated beams of dark lights. It is to be mentioned that lightsabers were initially created by the dark side.

Lightsabers are similar to swords. These are the most functional. It would not be wrong to say that lightsabers are more than swords. These are used more than regular swords. These swords have been modified in several ways. People can find original, as well as lightsaber replica on the internet.

A lightsaber is known as famous for its unique properties and features. A lightsaber can cut and pass through a lot of things. There is a high force and power behind the lightsaber. However, there are some things through which a lightsaber cannot pass. This is how enemies use those things for their advantage.

There are not many things through which a lightsaber cannot pass. One of the most important things that can stop a lightsaber is water. A little water does not hurt the weapon much. The rain can make the lightsaber sizzle and steam. When submerged in water, it can destroy a lightsaber. So water is one of those things that can destroy a lightsaber.

On-screen, we see that forces use lightsabers. It is believed that a lot of non-force users can wield lightsabers. These are the most associated weapons that are used by force. Some forces, such as Sith and Jedi, are seen using lightsabers.

Range of colors

It is to be mentioned that lightsabers are available in a wide range of colours. The colour of a lightsaber depends upon the crystal that is used in the manufacturing of a lightsaber. Purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, red and black is some colours in which lightsabers are available. Sith preferred using synthetic colours, so red was Sith’s most common colour. Sith had access to red bladed lightsabers. Some other factors such as glass and gems, used machinery. This is how a wide range of colours for lightsabers was produced.

These are some of the most significant things that a person needs to know about lightsabers. These things are the most prominent features of lightsabers. Star Wars have a wide variety of lightsabers used in those series. This is why people are quite impressed by the use of lightsabers.



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