Top 5 Email Security Threats Every Business Should Know

There are more than 2,200 cyberattacks across the internet every day. That’s thousands of attempts hackers make to get access to systems and get access to sensitive information. One of the most common ways they start is through email security threats.

To avoid this, people need to use a secure communication tool. They should also stay aware of security threats and know how to avoid them. That way, companies can stay safe and keep working with their clients.

Keep reading below to learn more about different kinds of email security threats.

1. Phishing Is the Most Common Cybersecurity Threat

One of the most common kinds of cyber attacks is phishing. It dates back to the days when people would steal phone lines from other people to make free calls. Now though, it’s an umbrella term that includes threats from hackers who pretend to be someone else.

They may send an email asking someone to reset a password. The link in the email may be a fake website that doesn’t actually reset it. Instead, it just steals the password that users put in.

Once they have that, they can hack into email accounts and steal tons of information. So, people need to make sure all emails come from trusted sources before clicking any links in them.

2. Social Engineering Includes Email Security Threats

Social engineering is one of the most common kinds of hacking tactics. This is when a hacker tries to make themselves seem like a legitimate agent. They may try to pose as a security expert or a leader of your company who needs information from you.

Then, they use the information other people tell them to break into email accounts. People may not realize they gave away such valuable information until it’s too late.

3. Hacked Websites Can Harm Users

One of the most common ways people lose access to their email accounts is from a hacked website. There are times when a server hosting email addresses for Yahoo or Microsoft gets hacked. That means hackers can break into the actual hardware and find tables of email accounts with their passwords.

The best way to avoid these kinds of leaks is by using a decentralized email. That way, even if a server is hacked, thieves won’t have access to your information.

4. Beware of Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most common kinds of attacks. This kind of virus locks people out of their computer systems. The virus usually displays a message, telling people that they need to pay money to regain access to their computers.

Users can accidentally download these kinds of viruses through their email. They may think they’re downloading a needed spreadsheet or documents about a project. Hackers may send an email convincing them to download the virus, telling them they need it for their work.

5. Hacked Accounts Can Send Spam

One of the most common things hackers used hacked accounts for is to send spam. By using hacked accounts, they can send spam that appears to come from legitimate sources. It can help convince people to click on spam email, opening themselves up to threats.

Staying Safe Online Is Essential

There are more email security threats on the internet than anyone can ever fully comprehend. Zero-day exploits are also being developed every day, opening new opportunities for hackers to launch cyber attacks. Staying safe can seem like an impossible task.

But it’s easier when people stay updated on the latest cybersecurity updates. To learn more about how to stay safe online, just keep reading the blogs on our website!



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