Top 4 Sun Shade Sail Design Layouts

Sun shade sails, also known as sun sails or shade sails, are gaining massive popularity over the past few years. Not only do sun shade sails look attractive but also one of the most affordable and effective solutions for shading the outdoor space. Even if you have a large outdoor space, sun shade sails will always cover it. 

As the temperature is increasing globally, the need for sun shade sails or other shaded structures is extremely important. Apart from making the outdoor spaces comfortable and inviting, sun shade sails will also protect you from the harmful exposure of UV rays. 

Despite their growing popularity and effectiveness, you should know about their quality resources so that you can purchase the best sun shade sail. Remember that shade sails are available in various designs. Here are the top 4 design layouts of sun shade sails. Each layout has its advantages and weaknesses. 

Square Hyper or Rectangular Design              

The attractive parabolic hyper layout using a rectangular shade or single square shade sails is extremely popular since it’s a combination of great shading elements. Additionally, the appearance of this type of sun shade sailsis attractive and they provide excellent coverage against sun rays and UV-A rays. As per Healthline, UV-A rays can cause indirect damage to the DNA. They are also highly rain and wind resistant than other types of flat layouts. If you want to use this effect, make sure you’re using two opposing corners that are connected at a lower point the same distance from the ground. Additionally, the other two opposing corners should be connected at a higher point the same distance from the ground.

Multiple Rectangles or Squares

Combining multiple rectangular or square sun shade sail is one of the best ways to cover a large area. To achieve this, you can mount two sun shade sails with a slight gap or side by side. If you overlap the sun shade sails, it will be a lot more beneficial as you’ll be able to avoid the gaps in the shade coverage. However, using them side by side whole creates some gaps. While using the overlapping method, it’s suggested to use a 12-inch distance between two shade sails to avoid any damages. 

Multiple Triangles

Multiple triangular shade sails are capable of creating beautiful, unique, and attractive designs that will help you to cover spaces a single square or triangle could not. Just like the other rectangles and squares, you can mount them with a slight overlap or side-by-side. The same consideration for overlapping is applicable for multiple triangles too. Make sure you maintain at least a 12-inch distance. You can also combine the triangle and rectangle designing layouts. Additionally, creating an attractive folding fan effect is also possible with multiple triangles.

Square and Triangle Combination

The combination of triangle and square develops an eye-catching appearance that can shade customized or large areas. 

  • When you install a triangular sun shade sail over the squared one, you can create a pentagon shape.
  • You can also use the overlapping triangle to hide the corners of two side-by-side squares. 


Sun shade sails are an extremely affordable, eye-catching, and installation-friendly solution for backyard or outdoor space. They are the greatest alternatives to pergola covers. With multiple design layouts to choose from, make sure you choose the best design as per relevancy. 


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