3 Tricks Guaranteed to Help You Make Friends While Traveling

Heading out on the road is the perfect opportunity to see new places, try new things, and — meet new people?

Yes, although you’re passing through an area temporarily, making friends while traveling is possible. 

In this new world, nomadic living is becoming the norm. With freelancing, rideshares, and other common changes in society, many people are more open to communicating with strangers than ever before. 

Work is often remote, leading to a sense of isolation we’re not used to, and we must look for friendship outside of normal daily activities. You’re likely not the only one looking for a way to meet people you can connect with for long-term friendships.

The trick is to learn how to get comfortable starting a conversation and continuing contact once you’re not with the other person anymore. These tips will help you make and keep friends while you’re traveling for business or pleasure.

1. Follow the Crowd

When you have the freedom to choose your destination, pick places that tend to be more open to interaction. For instance, a cabin in the mountains sounds peaceful and rejuvenating, but those qualities ensure more isolation. If your goal is to find friends, it’s not likely to happen there.

If you’re Traveling for a business convention or meeting, find out where the other guests are staying and book that hotel. Check with the concierge to see if there are any meet-and-greets in the itinerary, and arrange your schedule to attend. These opportunities are ideal for people traveling alone to mingle with others so that they won’t look out of place. 

You may also consider looking for solo-group tours. You book adventures with other single travelers with similar interests in these activities. These group activities are skyrocketing in popularity as individuals look for ways to safely explore the world.

2. Use Body Language to Your Advantage

It’s easy to look around in a crowd and see dozens of people absorbed in their phones or hiding from the world with their earbuds. If you’re doing anything like this, your body language tells others, “Back off.”

To meet people, you must be approachable. Keep your head up and eyes scanning the area. Don’t cross your arms or legs, as this sends the signal that you’re not interested in talking. 

Sit up straight, as slouching gives off the impression that you’re bored and uninterested in what’s going on around you. If you make eye contact with someone, smile.

Remember, your appearance is the first thing people notice about you. Dress like the people you want to attract, and focus on hygiene. We all want a friend to love us in our messes, but before they do, they have to be interested enough to get to know you. If you look like drama and negativity, the people you attract will likely be bringing the same things with them.

3. Use the Right Apps

You’ve heard of all the relationship apps, but your goal is to make friends. You’re not interested in dating platforms, so how can you use apps to meet people to hang out with?

The good news is that millions of people like you want to mingle while traveling single. And there are apps out there to help make this happen, like:

  • SoloTraveller for backpackers, ridesharing together, and access to a sole traveling community.
  • Couchsurfing for free places to stay with locals who let you stay in their homes and give you pointers on the area.
  • FliptheTrip lets you look for other solo travelers who may be in the same area on the dates you’re planning a future trip.
  • TripGiraffe is the ideal app for passionate travelers who want to explore the world but are nervous about doing it alone. Members create their next dream trip and invite others to join in or scan the existing trips and add themselves to their favorites.

These and many other travel apps are geared toward letting you meet people safely while enjoying your planned trip. They, like you, are actively looking for friends. All you have to do is sign up and reach out or accept an invitation; your next travel buddy or forever friend could be waiting.


Distance friendships once were nearly impossible to keep, but today’s world makes them more normal than unusual. 

With so many ways to meet people while you’re traveling, building your network has never been easier. It’s up to you to go where the people are and be approachable. The rest will fall into place!

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