4 Things To Know Before Packing Your Bags For A Surfing Trip

Are you looking for a splendid sport for your vacation? Are you a novice surfer looking for a beginner-friendly surfing spot? Then staying at the Costa Rica surf resort is the best option as you do not have to stress staying and surfing locations. Costa Rica’s water is warm, clean, and attractive compared to other surfing destinations. With many surfing schools and resorts, it is the best destination for pro and beginners surfers too. It is safe for novice surfers because its waves break smoothly and consistently.

You can always find some crowd-free spots to learn the basics of surfing. You can realize the Pura Vida vibes everywhere in a Costa Rica surf resort. One can relax in the soft sand after very tiring surfing. You can surf anytime here without fear of strong, consistent breaking waves, which could be a surfer’s dream.

Costa Rica earns about 1.7 billion US dollars from tourism. Costa Rica is a surfing destination and a great place for a good vacation. There are a lot of national parks with wide varieties of biodiversity to visit. It can also satisfy your birdwatching cravings with colorful and different bird species. Surf resorts, schools, restaurants are must-visit destinations here. You can feel all content visiting this place with many adventurous activities all around the country.

1. Health benefits

There are many health benefits concerning surfing. It can relax your body and bring down all the stress and tension in your body. Surfing requires a lot of focus and time ahead thinking. It helps you improve your concentration and focus on other activities. It tends to make quick decisions and always be ahead of time. When your body relaxes, its blood pressure becomes optimum, improving cardiovascular health. It also has a positive impact on your sleep. It is the perfect activity to consider if you are into weight reduction sessions. You can burn a lot of calories while surfing.

2. Gain confidence

Surfing can teach you not to give up in life, no matter the number of failures. You may not catch up a wave at your initial sessions all by yourself. You may have to keep trying for it. One has to be consistent and confident to get hold of a wave. You can learn patience in your life without any thoughts of giving up. Make your learning fun and loveable without pressuring on perfection. Love the ocean, and it submits back itself to you with love.

3. Know swimming?

There is always this question of if you know swimming. You must know some basics of swimming to protect yourself. You do not have to be a professional swimmer to learn surfing. If you lose hold of your surfboard, you could end up in the sea. When you know swimming, you get more confident in surfing. You can wear protective gear like a basic helmet to protect you from hitting on your board.

It is better to consider the Costa Rica surf resort instead of individually looking into everything to reap all the joy of Costa Rica.

4. Dress code

If you might surf in cold weather areas, you must consider wearing a wet bodysuit with a minimum of 3 millimeters of thickness. In Costa Rica, the water is warm throughout the year. Here you can simply wear a comfortable t-shirt or a rash guard with shorts to prevent rashes due to your skin rubbing on the surfboard. You can even go wearing a bikini or one-piece suit to surf in warm temperatures. You must pack your sunscreen tins to protect your skin from sunburns.


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