Top tips to Travel Light this Summer

If you are already planning your next big getaway and want to avoid the long check-in queues at airports, you need to start to think about traveling light. While out of the question for most family holidays, if you are a digital nomad or just looking for a getaway on your own or with your partner without the need for large suitcases, traveling light is a great option. You can also save a significant amount of money on some budget airlines by traveling only with luggage that can be stowedin the cabin. Here are some top tips to ensure that you avoid the airport luggage carousels and still have all your essentials.

Make sure your tech is portable

Thankfully,the age of advanced tech that we live in means that nearly all our essential tech devices can slip into a travel backpack. If you plan to work on your travels,ensure that you have invested in a good-quality travel laptop. Modern devices that are fit for traveling light can weigh less than three pounds and will not take up all your space with their slimline designs. Ensure yours has an adequate battery life when purchasing to allow you to work or surf from the poolside without needing to keep charging. Superior-quality laptops can easily handle eight hours of usage, with some boasting much more than this. Another great option for tech is to invest in some folding headphones. These make great tech travel companions for a variety of uses, and their folding designs ensure they do not take up much space. Choose wireless designs if you want to go totally cable-free and make your listening experience even more enjoyable. If you will be going backpacking it’s always nice to pack light and to bring only the things that you need, Check for a complete guide to get you ready for that backpacking trip.

Take only the clothes you need

It is easy to overpack when you go abroad. Most people have experience of coming back with bulky cases that contain a large amount of clothing that was never worn on their travels. Choice is an important thing but the freedom to travel light is a joy in itself. As a rule, it makes perfect sense when traveling light to limit yourself to two pairs of shoes, one pair for general travel and daily activities and another for more formal occasions such as restaurant meals and meetings. If you are a regular globe trotter searching for some great travel shoes, look here for inspiration. Remember also that most hotels will have in-house laundry facilities for a small charge so you can comfortably re-use your clothes when on vacation. You do not need to wear a new outfit every day of your journey, and traveling light simply will not be an option unless you make this change.

If you forget essentials,do not worry

Unless your travel itinerary involves journeys into the deepest reaches of the Amazon rainforest, it is likely that any essentials you forget can be purchased abroad. The tourist industry has grown over the last few decades, especially in more far-flung destinations, and travel or tourist companies recognize that tourists will occasionally need to buy an EU adaptor for their tech or grooming essentials. If the resort shops do not have these items, the nearest supermarket certainly will. Remember that we live in an advanced global economy. Traveling light should not be a stressful experience. It should set you free.


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