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The unexpected can always happen at any given moment and opportunity. Said by Kathleen Ahmmed, Co-founder of USCarJunker Accidents are prone to happening and while you can’t fully prevent them from happening, you can take steps into making sure that any problems caused by these accidents will be immediately taken care of.

The same goes for cyberattacks as the rapid pace at which different system exploits and vulnerabilities are found makes it almost impossible to stop every new attempt to breach a system. Developing an impenetrable cybersecurity system will take up an unrealistic amount of time and resources that make the prospect very improbable. Cyber attacks can happen at any given moment and one of the best ways to prepare for them is by getting the best cybersecurity companies.

IT security companies aim to fix and provide solutions to any system vulnerabilities you might have as well as handle any cyber incidents as soon as they happen. Finding and choosing the best cybersecurity company from this source: can be very confusing given the variety of companies available.


Finding the right IT security company to work with you is a crucial step as you might not find the cybersecurity solution you are looking for if you choose incorrectly. With that in mind, we have condensed here some of the top IT security companies in London that you can take into consideration for selecting and the factors that come into play with the selection.



Staying comfortable in the first entry here is Sapphire. Having provided cyber security solutions for about 25 years, this company has been through several instances of cybersecurity innovations as well as delivering effective and high-quality cyber security services to organizations across the UK.

Sapphire offers a set of progressive cybersecurity measures as they cover a wide variety of potential security exploits and vulnerabilities. The group primarily specializes in endpoint protection which leads them to deal with threat detection and management as their strong points. However, they also offer additional services such as physical hardware security along with managing cloud-based risks.

The technical benefits provided by Sapphire all stem from their Managed Security Services which allows them to greatly enhance cybersecurity defenses, unlike any other company. The service provided is designed to take a proactive approach to improve your cybersecurity making them work with you and allowing you to become involved with the process. The unique way in which this system in place operates allows you the convenience of having your cybersecurity fully managed by the organization themselves which saves you the time and money from developing your group to do the same job.

On top of this, the service provider also opens an avenue for them to offer testing services to any concurrent cybersecurity measures you have in place. This effectively puts them through a series of tests to see if the security system in place can combat any recent exploits and vulnerabilities. Insights and data provided by Sapphire can be used by you or Sapphire to further improve and enhance your cybersecurity preventing any potential attacks and exploits in the near future.



While the previous entry places great focus on versatility along with prevention and mitigation, SentryBay is a bit different as it places greater focus on data loss prevention. SentryBay is extremely in data protection as they specialize in protection against data corruption and leaks.

They offer a myriad of services that focus on this and enhance other cybersecurity systems such as anti-keylogging, security for mobile devices and even a unique and secure browser for clients who deal with money such as banks. SentryBay offers a unique combination of application confinement, screen capture and DLL-injection at a low cost making them ideal for smaller companies who wish to protect their data in an effective yet simple manner.



Although primarily a telecommunication company, BT has developed, alongside its telecommunication, an extremely competent and effective cybersecurity system for cloud services. The company focuses a great emphasis on network security making them extremely resilient against DDoS attacks or information stealing from network databases and services.


BT places great emphasis on the protection of critical networks with preventive measures that detect attacks earlier on and respond to them as soon as possible. Aside from those services, BT also offers the following specialized services asset oversight, penetration testing and fraud defence.



One of the problems that some people might have with getting analysis and report for their security system is how complex the report is and how you should go about interpreting the data. Silobreak is a long-time company for cybersecurity solutions that specializes in cyber-analytics and risk intelligence.

Silobreaker aims to be able to provide IT departments with information and analysis created by their unique program. Silobreak takes a proactive approach to understand cyber threats and the vulnerabilities any organization might face daily.


Being a specialized group for analysis, you get to save up on time and money by doing your research with the latest trends and updates on cybersecurity and how they apply to your choice of implementing security measures. This allows your team to immediately start working on improvements and repairs at a much faster pace making it easier to stay in the lead from your competitors.


Swivel Secure

When it comes down to making sure that your information and data are handled by the right person, authentication is extremely important to prevent any data leakages. Swivel Secure is a cybersecurity company that specializes in providing safe and secure authentication services to its clients.


Swivel Secure takes on a unique approach to secure different facets of cybersecurity by making sure that data cannot be easily accessed without the right credentials and authentication. The organization protects both on-site premises and cloud services. This is done through an intelligent multi-factor authentication solution that provides quick and dynamic responses to access requests.


The utilization of different authentication systems that work in conjunction with one another is a simple but extremely versatile way to prevent data breaches and cyberattacks.


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