Using The httptest Package in Golang

Creating and developing a code, and getting all of the elements perfectly aligned can be tricky, especially if you are a novice coder. Ridding your code or app of any errors is important. To do this, you can use a httptest. This test will allow you to establish where problems and errors are occurring and why. Of course, this will save you countless hours of stress and worry.

Great Practice and Building Confidence

When you are developing a code or an app, you want to be sure (and certain) that any glitches are removed. You want to get the practice under your belt, and you want to build your confidence to take your app or code creation from the development stage, right on through to the production stage. If you are not focusing your efforts on testing your code or program, then you may be left in doubt. You may also be left with glaringly obvious mistakes. These are mistakes that could have been easily and quickly eradicated sooner. 

Setting Up the Test

Whether you want to test independent pieces of code, or you want to test application knowledge, you are always best to use the golang httptest. Giving yourself plenty of time to carry out the test, is then going to give you time to make changes, and where needed even introduce new code. The golang test is set up and ready for you to run, and it allows you to test the edges of your application. Things that you may have overlooked or missed when checking previously. You will find that httptest will give you a server. A local server will then respond to real HTTP requests.

Establishing the Goals and Purpose of the Test

Before carrying out any testing, you need to know what the purpose of a test is, and what you are hoping to learn (and gain) from each test. For example, are you looking to improve functionality for an end user? Or, are you looking to unit test, or perhaps test those new and independent pieces of code you recently added? If you do not establish what your purpose or goals are for the test, you could waste a large proportion of your time. You could end up testing areas that you know you are already happy and content with. Ultimately, if you fail to have a purpose for your test, you will waste resources and time. You will find that development will take much longer than you originally anticipated.

Testing Code for Servers and Clients

If you are working on an app or piece of software for a client or server, you are also going to find testing very useful. Often, the edge portions of HTTP can be overlooked or missed completely through other means of testing. Getting the coverage you need for servers, and for clients must therefore be a priority. With the hottest, you can test the edges of code and applications easily, and you can do this by using real requests and servers.


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