Wedding Color Ideas to Inspire Your Own Wedding in Metairie

Choosing a color for your wedding can be challenging since several colors can be ideal and you might have a favorite color but you and your partner should agree on a color to make your wedding look more appealing. Here is some inspiration on choosing the matching color for bridesmaid dresses in Metairie. This way you can have more ideas on what colors are trending and you can narrow down your choices. It can be confusing to choose colors if you don’t follow any tips or guides. So read on and get more ideas and knowledge about what colors are recommended and what are the factors that you can check to help you pick the right color. 

Should you match wedding colors?

Some may opt for matching colors on their wedding like combining more than one color. However to pick a good one make sure to get recommendations from the experts. Ask your wedding planner or coordinator for a good combination or present to them the colors you refer to and get their suggestion about them. 

How many colors should you have for a wedding?

Choosing the color for your wedding can depend on several factors such as the venue of your wedding. You can match your wedding color on the venue to avoid contrast or if you can incorporate your color on the venue instead then that will be better. The season on your wedding day can also be a good basis for choosing your wedding color. 

How to choose a color scheme for the wedding?

When choosing your wedding color you can consider the following:


The color should be able to match the venue of the wedding to avoid contrast. So before choosing a color it will be wise to choose your final venue then that’s the time to choose the color for your wedding to avoid getting stressed. Once you have chosen your venue then you can have color in mind since you have a basis already. 


The season of your wedding has a color that can match it, use these shades for your wedding color to be able to make the ambiance better since everything is blending. For instance, bright and cold colors can be perfect for summer seasons while dark colors can match the winter season. 

Base Color 

Having a base color can help you make your color blend better since you can match it with the base color and start from what color matches them well. The base color can be your favorite color then start incorporating the right colors that may match it. 

Wedding Style

Know your wedding style and choose a color that can blend with it. Determining your wedding style first can help you eliminate colors that may not be proper for it. Doing so can narrow down your choices and make you decide easier on the shades you will be using for your wedding. 

What color is best for a wedding?

The best color for the wedding will depend on you however it will be good to check on trending colors for the wedding to have ideas. When it comes to choosing a color you can use the list below as your inspiration to pick a good combination of colors. Choosing the trending colors for the year 2022 can make your wedding more modern since the colors are selected by the best wedding planners and coordinators. 

Top Wedding Color Palette Trends to Inspire in 2022

  1. Cinnamon Rose and Dusty Rose. 
  2. Sage Green and Light Terracotta. 
  3. Light Beige and Champagne. 
  4. Light Blue, Dusty Blue, and Burgundy. 
  5. Terracotta and Greenery. 
  6. Mauve Purple and Greenery. 
  7. Pantone Rose Brown and Rose Gold. 
  8. Blush Pink, Greenery, and Cinnamon Rose.

Having a guide on wedding color ideas to inspire your own wedding in Metairie can be better rather than doing everything on your own. Get some inspiration and ideas on the net or from the experts, maximized the power of technology by using them for choosing your wedding color to have a perfect combination. Wedding as special therefore every detail of it should be planned well so you can have every as planned and make the day extra special by choosing the right color. 

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