What are the common challenges a payroll faces, and how to overcome them?

It’s unlikely that entrepreneurs start businesses to spend their time processing payroll, and you’re probably more concerned about keeping your products and services competitive and your clients happy.

However, managing payroll is still pertinent if you own a business with employees.

Paying employees late or inaccurately can damage their morale, and not complying with tax and labor laws can have serious consequences.

❖   What’s the deal with payroll processing?

Payroll is a big headache for small business bookkeepers, especially since they already do so much else. When done manually, payroll calculations can take a long time and require great precision to accurately calculate employee wages and taxes.

A payroll management system that’s not integrated with their accounting system will mean they have to enter payroll data multiple times. Any technology that simplifies and automates payroll processing will likely make it easier and more efficient.

❖   Small businesses: challenges and solutions

Several small businesses face payroll challenges, and the following solutions can help.

  • Conformity with payroll

Payroll processing is challenging because of compliance. Payroll requires adhering to a few standards. Laws and regulations constantly change, making it hard to stay on top. Tax compliance is part of payroll compliance.

Employers are required to withhold income tax, but the rules constantly change. You can get fined and penalized if you don’t meet these standards. Is it better to find out before the problem happens? Many businesses do their own payroll or let HR handle it.

Even if you study the laws a lot, they’ll change and you’ll have to start over. And there may be a possibility that you don’t know all the laws. Lastly, non-compliance can cost your organization its reputation due to fines, penalties, and unwarranted legal action.

Solution: You need payroll experts like to handle all your payroll challenges – they’ve got the experience.

  • Accuracy

When businesses don’t maintain uncompromising accuracy, payroll management fails. Therefore, the accuracy of payroll is incredibly critical.

Updates have to be made regularly in batches during payroll. In addition, employee incentive programs, hikes, promotions, and miscellaneous expenses can all cause mistakes.

This kind of confusion can ruin a company’s reputation.

Solution: Be sure not to process payroll manually. Have the experts fix all the loopholes and errors; an expert will also catch and correct mistakes faster.

  • Maintaining confidentiality

You’ve got a lot of sensitive information in payroll that can ruin your company if it gets into the wrong hands. Now that data is our most important asset, it’s more important than ever to keep it secret.

How can you make sure it’s safe at all times? It’s obvious what happens when the wrong endpoints get this data! Your organization can lose a lot of money this way. It is for this reason that organizations are often under a constant cloud of stress.

Solution: Payroll management should be left to people who not only know the field and its legal requirements, but are capable of handling sensitive information securely, too.

  • Additional burdens

Keeping track of payroll is another burden for you and your employees. Many organizations handle payroll themselves, and having this problem hinders the organization’s ability to solve other pressing issues and reach its strategic goals.

Payroll is a tedious task that adds to the payroll team’s overburden, resulting in mistakes. When payroll is on a business owner’s list of responsibilities, there will be many other essential tasks that go unattended.

Solution: It’s best to let the experts handle it, and there’s no sense in overburdening yourself since it’ll affect everything else.

  • The manual process

Manual payroll processing is still seen as a cost-saving by some organizations. Nothing will be held against the organizations, and manual processing seems cheaper since you don’t have to buy payroll software.

You need a calculator, a laptop, and some paper. Initially, it looks cheap, but it’s dangerous and expensive. Why is that? Nobody’s perfect, and everyone makes mistakes, errors, and duplicates. If you do it wrong, you’ll spend more than you planned.

Reports will also be a pain to create, process, and share. Using manual techniques isn’t just risky; it’s deadly. Considering its sensitivity, there are no security measures on the manual method.

Solution: Put an automated process in place, and this challenge can only be overcome with payroll software.


Automation of payroll management with cloud-based software is the most effective solution to payroll challenges. You can make your workplace smarter by integrating intelligent payroll management.


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