Why Every Business Should Invest In eLearning

Electronic learning in the corporate environment is a relatively new type of business. However, its proponents argue that companies can reduce personnel costs and improve team member efficiency through eLearning. So this article will explain why every business should invest in eLearning.

What is eLearning?

Distance learning uses information technology, including everything from audio and video to infographics, to a reasonable extent. The introduction of eLearning involves installing distance learning and on-site learning, plus electronic courses and now even webinars and seminars online for easier access to educational material. This is a method of creating the resources to train staff consistently without constant investment with each new hire.

For the most successful method of eLearning, audio-visual video content, eLearning narrators are necessary to deliver the educational information successfully. From a business point of view, this is a great way to save on staff training and make it more effective. A company that implements eLearning can spend less money on staff training in the future as their educational material continues to exist after investment.

How Much Can a Business Save

On the whole, eLearning helps save up to 90% of the budget allocated to personnel training. But, of course, it all depends on the company, the number of employees, and whether it has a team member training system. In addition, eLearning has a particular characteristic: it pushes the company to systematize training processes.

Either the previous training process must then be turned into a digital asset, or a new process must be created with the intention of eLearning from the get-go. The former can often be a straightforward process as this is simply a medium conversion. However, there are also benefits to creating eLearning courses from scratch. They can utilize all the pros of digital innovation, such as narration and animation, to create quality content without adapting what may be an outdated process.

Define Your Goals

In 2013, a sociological study showed that 87.2% of companies used eLearning in various forms, mostly in training and personnel development departments. The main reasons for using eLearning are its low cost and ability to train staff effectively.

To make the most of developing eLearning content for your business, you need to decide what information is the most important to communicate with staff. It is also necessary to omit any information which is subject to change, as this will result in needing to update the eLearning content regularly. The goal is to create a practical educational resource with longevity.


Electronic learning is the way forward for any business. However, before you implement an eLearning system in your company, you must clearly define your goals and planned costs. If in doubt, gather statistics on your company’s current training costs per employee, and work out how many employees one eLearning training program could be used for. eLearning will almost always come out as the cheapest and most effective option.


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