What is new about Huawei Developer Conference 2022?


At the start of 2022, the fourth Huawei Developer Conference was held that updated us and launched many updates like Petal Search and Petal Maps. Besides these updates, the Huawei developer conference hosted technology sessions that were all about Huawei App Gallery updates to offer new updated versions like providing end-to-end encrypted opportunities to boost their development and growth. The Eco-development and fostering partnership, Finance vertices, and the vital role of constant innovation have been discussed at the Huawei developer conference. The use of Siri for an open banking system was also explored. It is likely to provide Huawei users with full spectrum facilities. Read the following article to get more knowledge about this developer conference 2022.

Huawei Developer Conference highlights:

Huawei updated us about the user safety front to safeguard consumer privacy because privacy concerns have a major role in the development and progress of a company. According to the new developer conference, Huawei is now updating the mobile games too, to provide its users with next-level entertainment. It has been done with the aid of the Huawei App Gallery too. The Game loft released 11 new games after this conference for providing a console-like gaming experience. And guess what? It was observed that there was about 70% growth in downloading of the games in the last three months of launching.

For updating the strong download performance, Playrix played a vital role. It is a leading developer who developed the ever-popular Gardenscapes and Homescapes too. With the partnership AppGallery, its comprehensive end-to-end support was secured by Huawei. It includes

  •     Implementation of HMS Core Kits
  •     Promotions of brands by Ads

Let’s see in detail what’s new about the fourth Huawei Developer Conference.

As stressed by the Huawei Official website, this developer conference is all about the following scenarios.

The developer brought innovative ideas together in the following scenarios:

  •     Smart office
  •     Smart travel
  •     Fitness Health
  •     Smart home
  •     Audiovisual entertainment

New updated Huawei technology developed, as stressed by the developer conference, that this technology would provide a more efficient and convenient platform to developers for development. The Great coffee and other events gathered to initiate a brainstorming to provide you the platform for showing off your talent and skills. You can join this developer journey to enjoy the updated activities developed by the Huawei developer conference, and provide a new gaming experience for providing the next level of entertainment. There were other surprises too like

  •     Huawei Hetu game
  •     small train with one station
  •     lakeside festival

This is a platform to explore the other features. The developer conference 2022 provided much information about the updates regarding the gaming experience, groundbreaking innovations, and gathering global professionals to let you inform about the new domains.

As the fourth annual developer conference mainly stressed on

  •     Game-changing experiences in Smart Home
  •     Entertainment
  •     Smart office
  •     Fitness
  •     Easy travel
  •     Health domains

Final words:

The insight on the Huawei developer conference has been discussed in detail. You may join the innovation for being a part of this development. This development will lead Huawei to the next level of progress. It is the best platform to take part in exhilarating competitions and other competing activities with the aid of other developers and technology professionals.


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