What Kind Of Attorney Should I Call For Sexual Abuse?

According to the NSVRC (National Sexual Violence Resource Center), 43 percent of men and 81 percent of women experience sexual abuse in their lifetime. Sexual abuse can happen anywhere, at any time, and it has no age, gender, or socioeconomic boundaries. If you are a victim of sexual abuse, you should call a personal injury attorney to help you with your case. Below, we discuss the sexual abuse cases that a personal injury attorney can handle.

Covert Sexual Abuse

This form of sexual abuse occurs when someone watches, photographs, or follows you to get some form of sexual satisfaction without your knowledge. Covert sexual abuse can also happen when someone posts intimate content that you may have sent to a relationship partner on social media platforms.

If you believe you are in this situation, you should call a personal injuries attorney. An attorney will look out for your interests and help you seek compensation for the losses resulting from your abuse.

Visual Sexual Abuse       

Visual sexual abuse occurs when you are exposed to unwanted sexual content. Examples of visual sexual abuse include sexting, flashing, uninvited or unwanted exposure to images of a sexual nature, and performing sexual acts around non-non-consenting individuals.

If you have experienced visual sexual abuse, you can take legal action against the perpetrator. A personal injuries attorney can help you file a suit against the assailant, prove that the perpetrator did you harm, and pursue compensation for your suffering.

Physical Sexual Abuse

Physical and sexual abuse involves non-consensual touching, kissing, tickling, groping, cornering, and brushing up against. Suppose you are a victim of physical or sexual abuse. In that case, a personal injuries attorney can help you bring retribution to the perpetrator and help you recover compensation for various damages, including therapy bills, pain, and suffering resulting from the abuse, and lost income and potential earnings.

Verbal Sexual Abuse

Verbal sexual abuse occurs when someone uses spoken words to express sexual desire. Verbal sexual abuse includes sexually explicit jokes, sexual noises, such as kissing sounds or lip-smacking, comments on physical development, teasing about physical characteristics, and unwanted sexual advances.

Verbal sexual abuse is just as painful and damaging as physical abuse. If you target verbal sexual abuse, contact a personal injuries attorney who can help you file a claim against the perpetrator and help you pursue financial compensation.

Ritualistic Sexual Abuse

This form of sexual abuse incorporates rituals and spirituality. In most cases of ritualistic sexual abuse, the perpetrator tries to justify their actions as an act of worship or penance to their targets. Ritualistic sexual abuse can include genital mutilation, incest rituals, or child marriage.

If you perceive a violation of your body and that violation is guided as a spiritual duty, you should contact an attorney. An attorney can defend you from the perpetrator, advocate for your safety, and help you seek financial compensation.

Child Sexual Abuse

This is a form of sexual abuse whereby an older adolescent or adult uses a child to fulfill their sexual desires. Child sexual abuse can include child grooming, casting a child in films of a sexual nature, or engaging in sexual activities with a child. Child sexual abuse can have everlasting physical and mental impacts on the victim. An attorney can pursue justice for child sexual abuse victims and fight to win monetary awards for all economic and non-economic damages.

Seek the Services of a Personal Injuries Attorney To Handle Your Sexual Abuse Case

If you are a victim of any of the above forms of sexual abuse, you should call a personal injury attorney. With a personal injury attorney on your side, you have a higher chance of getting the justice you deserve and bringing your perpetrator to book.


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