What Makes Boutique Hotels Unique: 5 Things You Should Know


If travel is food for our souls, hotels are the ingredients that enrich the dish! This means that exploring new cultures and eating different cuisinescan only happen if we are able to live it.

Traveling can help us shed light on who we really are, and make us accustomed to what we like or love.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic entering the endemic stage, individuals, families and companies that had shelved their travel plans are eager to start once again.

They want their post-pandemic travel or vacation to offer them an experience that would be able to compensate for the delays and losses that the pandemic brought forth.

The question is- can it be done?

The answer is Yes.

By smartly aligning your expectations and being brave about not taking the beaten path, you can most definitely create a novel experience.

In this article, we discuss Boutique Hotels. Specifically, we explore why everyone that is looking to travel in the post-COVID period is looking for them for their next vacation plans.

Boutique Hotels: The Experience you should seek

There is no denying the fact that the best boutique hotels in Singaporeare one-of-a-kind! Everything from their location to their staff elevates travel and living experiences. Many leading travel experts point to the fact that when you check in with a bigger and established hotel chain, you frankly know what you are going to expect.

The rooms are similar, the décor is uniform, and the food is one and the same. While this can be a good thing since you already know what you are paying for, where is the sense of adventure and sense of excitement in all this? It is not. On the other hand, when you check into a boutique hotel, you will be surprised to know that not even two rooms look alike.

With an employee base drawn from the local neighbourhood, boutique hotels are able to create a knowledgeable staff force. They are familiar with the local surroundings and bring their own intrinsic personalities in their day-to-day engagement with the guests. The human touch is palpable and ever-present when you book your vacation at a boutique hotel.

7 Things that make Boutique Hotels Unique: By Experts

  1. Food-

Eating is a major part of our travel plans. We try to plan for destinations that have a great culture of food. Boutique hotels know this and create menus that are full of local flavours and cuisines. The quality of the food is on another level since they do not have to adhere to some of the stringent and rigid guidelines that larger hotel chains need to follow.

  1. Service-

Boutique hotels do not have many rooms. The focus is more on offering their guests with excellent service. The staff is trained to cater to each and every need and requirement of the guests. The personalization of the service is what separates boutique hotels from chains. The staff will go out of their way to ensure that your stay is comfortable and experiential in nature.

  1. Location-

Whether the boutique hotel is located centrally in an upscale neighbourhood or standing on top of a mountain, it will ensure that the locality where its stationed reflects in its design, décor, food, service and other aspects. What you see on the outside in terms of the region finds creative and innovative reflections on the inside. This is something that guests will come to love.

  1. Design-

There is a certain sense of richness when you look at the design and décor of a boutique hotel. You will see an effort to design the establishment that gives the place its own identity and character. The design and décor of the lobby, reception and other public areas will have a different personality of its own. The same will be found in the design of the individual rooms.

  1. Larger Rooms-

Boutique hotels are famous for providing large rooms that sometimes come with kitchen set-ups, washing machines and other essentials. This allows guests to move around and not be restricted in their movements as you might have experienced in larger hotel chains that often have smaller rooms. Boutique hotels want guests to have a good time in their rooms as well.

The Final Takeaway

If you are someone that wants to experience the best for your buck, you cannot go wrong with a boutique hotel. Once you have been spoiled by the personal attention, great food and excellent décor of boutique hotels, you will never want to again check into a chain again. Can you share your experiences about staying in boutique hotels in the comments section below? We would love to hear from you.


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