When To Hire a Defense Lawyer

Sometimes you need one of the more than 1.3 million lawyers in the U.S. fighting for your case. When police file criminal charges, you could be facing jail time or stiff fines. It would help if you had defense lawyers on your side.

When do you need a defense lawyer? If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, theft, or a violent crime, a defense attorney builds your case and protects your rights.

Here are some of the situations where you’ll need criminal defense lawyers.

DWI Arrest

The latest data shows police arrested more than 64,000 people in 2019 for drunk driving. As soon as the arrest happens, you’ll need a DWI lawyer. DWI lawyers can prevent you from spending time in prison or even losing your license for a long time period.

A DWI attorney will also ensure the police report is accurate and that investigators collected the samples properly. DWI attorneys will also work with the police to avoid severe penalties for first offenders.

A DWI attorney works to get prosecutors to dismiss charges or lessen the offense in the case of more serious charges. DWI attorneys will build a strong case for you to minimize harm. Criminal defense lawyers represent you at any court proceeding.

The DWI lawyer cost can vary, so it’s best to check with the best DWI lawyer in Austin, Texas. Having the best DWI lawyers standing up for your case is best for your interests.


Defense attorneys will argue whether the accuser ever owned the property. Perhaps the accuser was drunk at the time of the incident. Maybe the property was never stolen or just misplaced.

Moreover, maybe you returned the stolen property. When you hire a lawyer, they will make the case that you made a mistake, and the police should drop the charges.

Violent Crime

A defense lawyer representing you in a violent crime will take all the necessary steps once police make an arrest. A defense attorney will go over all the paperwork, evidence, and witness testimony. Hire a lawyer to tell your side of the story and defend yourself.

A violent crime arrest will likely end up as a headline in the local newspaper. Your reputation is at stake. Defense lawyers can help you protect your interests.

Should police charge you with a homicide, defense attorneys might argue that your case is self-defense. Criminal defense lawyers will pick apart the police investigation and argue your innocence before a judge and jury.

Defense Lawyers: When To Hire

There are several reasons to hire defense lawyers, including a DWI case, theft, and violent crime. Having the right defense attorney will protect your rights from when police make an arrest to when you might be in front of a jury.

Do you want to know more about when to hire a lawyer? Please keep reading our blog to find out when you need a defense attorney and how we can help.

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